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Website design for banks is important and has to appeal to all people of all ages and all nationalities.

All banks now use websites, not just as a marketing tool, but for online banking and money transfers.  

Finding skilled agencies that offer website design for banks is difficult as there are over 10,000 web designers in the UK to choose from.  

There is a lot that goes into a banking website, not just design, but website development, security and encryption.  

Whether you are HSBC, TSB or Coutts, getting the right design is important. IT needs to be designed to a very high specification needing constant development, something that has changed as internet banking has become a more popular service.

Core Features

First and foremost, the website needs to be designed to a high standard; looking clean, professional and meet the legal requirements set out by the FSA (financial standards authority).  

The website needs to be clear and easy to navigate for all banking customers (as all will have different internet abilities).  Many websites need a multi-language facility.

  • Speed

Every bank and credit union should routinely assess its website speed performance to ensure the website is always serving content as quickly as it reasonably can.

Website speed impacts:

  • user experience
  • search engine rankings
  • website hosting costs
  • customers’ cellular data charges (many customers have capped data plans)
  • website security (yes, really!)
  • brand reputation and customer confidence in online services

Web Development For Banking Sites

Design for banking websites is only part of the work involved.  There are other features that need to be considered:

  • Layout – This effects UX
  • Branding – The colour and theme need to be in sync with your customer facing brand
  • Live Chat – Customers need to be able to reach you 24/7

Although most banks do have their own internal development teams, some development work can be outsourced to specialist web development companies.

They do need to be able to answer any questions or issues that customers would have, so as to save a visit into the local branch or a call to the banking call centre.

Security Is Essential

Security is possibly the primary factor that needs to be considered by you when choosing a design agency to work with.  

Security and encryption are things that a suitable website designer will be competent in working with you on to ensure your customers are happy and secure.

Choosing An Agency

One important factor to consider when selecting the designer is their experience; have they been involved in the financial and banking sector in the past.  

It really starts with experience. Do they know about marketing for banks?  As above, the site needs to look good (in terms of design) but also needs to work good (in terms of accessibility, usability and security).  

Features such as text size and audio (website accessibility).  Some people that use online banking are visually impaired, so the site needs to be accessible.

Checking the designers portfolio should give you a feel for how relevant they are and if they are capable of doing the work.

Compare Prices

All agencies set their own rates, therefore web design prices will vary considerably.  So it is very wise to shop around and get quotes.  Don’t worry, we are here to help!

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