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Whether you are a bank a building society or a hedge fund, website design for financial companies is essential.  Internet banking, money transfers stocks and shares, pensions are all online now.
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How Websites Play A Role

Website design for financial companies is central to the running of the business.  The website plays a vital role not only for your company, but also for investment banks, hedge funds and loan speculators.  Every business in today’s world needs to have a ‘virtual presence’ so that clients can see more information about them. Every established company has a website in place, so new ones will certainly need a website setting up.

You will need to have secure site that allow clients to access details of their account and their money.  For this, a special kind of website is required, one that has firewalls, security settings and a web team monitoring it for fraud or hacking.

Choosing A Designer

Selecting the right agency is very important; there are tens of thousands of designers around the UK.  But not that many that know about marketing for financial companies.  This is different to other forms of marketing, owing to the issues surrounding data protection, security and adhering to the rules and guidelines set out by the FSA.

By looking through their portfolio you should be able to get a feel for their experience in the sector, how much work they have done in the industry already, and how well they understand the market.

The next step is to meet up with the designer; never trust a portfolio alone, as many designers have a habit of embellishing on their experience in order to sound better than they are, which is the nature of sales.

By meeting them, you can get a feel for what they are like, meet the team and discuss in depth what is required.  Working with a designer that is hundreds of miles away, or even in another country, is just asking for trouble, as communications will be limited to e-mail and ‘phone.

Compare Prices On Website Design For Financial Companies

Most financial websites require quite an investment, due to the legal requirements associated with them and also the planning, strategy and security involved.  When considering websites design for financial companies, it is wise to shop around.

All agencies set their own fees, so prices will vary considerably.  The following factors will affect the cost of a website:

  • Size of website
  • Number of pages
  • Technology involved
  • Add-on’s,  such as an intranet, remote login
  • Security features
  • On-going development
  • Experience of the designer (experienced designers will charge more)
  • Profit margins
  • Estimated time to complete

Generally the larger the agency is, the higher their website design prices are likely to be.  As they have more staff and more overheads than a smaller designer.

Paying a lot for a website does not necessarily mean you will get a better website.  So choosing a designer has to be done with cost in mind, as all are profit making businesses.

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