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Website Design For SchoolsGet Quotes From Creative Agencies That Have Experience In Web Design For Schools

With over 10,000 website designers in the UK, the problem is finding a suitable web designer that is experienced in doing website design for schools.

This is where we can help, by getting you 5 quotes from local agencies that have designed them in the past.  Do they have experience in marketing for schools or educational businesses?

Just fill in the form to get 5  quotes from agencies that have done website design for schools to compare. 

Why Do You Need Them?

In today’s busy technological society, there are so many reasons for you to have them, including:

  • To attract new pupils
  • To advise parents about changes to the syllabus or curriculum
  • To provide information on topics, such as anti-bullying and  anti-smoking.
  • To provide details about staff

There are many other reasons for schools to have a website, but the main reason is to provide support and information for parents.

Key Features That Are Required

They provide an important resource as they need to cover a wide range of topics and issues, that previously were only available on request.  Or as a result of a telephone conversation to the school secretary.  

Having all general information on the website cuts down a lot of administrative time, and avoids misunderstandings. There are however, a number of considerations that need to be addressed by designers:

  • Accessibility

They are used by people from all cultures and backgrounds, so they have to appeal to all.  Some people who go onto a the site may not be very familiar with navigating such sites over the internet, so they have to be very user friendly.

  • Informative

They do need to be up to date, giving parents current information about any events, sports days, awards, problems or government legislation.

  • Legislation

You need to adhere to the guidelines and legislation set out by the Department of Education, so all need to provide legislative information that is a legal requirement.

The Importance Of It Being Modern

Web design for schools is very important, as many parents will visit the website will want to find information quickly.  Therefore it is important for you to select an agency who has done similar work in the past. 

All website designers have a portfolio of previous clients that they have done work for, so as long as the designer has a few schools or nurseries included among previously satisfied customers, then the designs should work well.  

Around the UK there are many web agencies who can help and who may provide great designs; however, it is advisable to work with one in your locality.

Compare Quotes Today

One thing to remember is that all agencies/freelancers are private businesses, they set their own rates, therefore web design prices will vary.  It is important to shop around and compare quotes.

For free advice and quotes on web design for schools, just complete our form.

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