Marketing For Schools

Marketing For SchoolsDoes Your School Need Help With Marketing?

Marketing for schools is important, as schools need to consistently get new pupils and new teachers.  

The problem is finding the ‘right’ marketing company, as there are so many around the UK.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in the education sector and have done marketing for schools.

UK Education & Schools

Currently there are around 32,000 schools in the UK according to BESA.  

These range from the local primary school up to well known schools such as Eaton and Charterhouse.  

The department of Education and Ofted are the central departments in the education sector.

COVID-19 And Schools

Since 2020, all schools in the UK were told to close due to COVID-19.  Education was hugely effected by COVID-19 meaning that all schools needed to update their websites via a marketing agency/web designer.  Information banners were needed to indication way finding and social distancing.

Do You Need Marketing?

All Schools need to use marketing, but for different reasons than commercial companies.  Certainly as there are over 32,000 schools in the UK, standing out is necessary.  

You need a website, not to generate business, but to provide information. 

You need PR, not necessarily for marketing, but for responding to the main steam media. 

You need brochures, not to showcase products, but to provide parents with information about classes and teachers.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

The cost really does depend partly on what kind of marketing is needed, as there are many types.  The cost of marketing also varies from agencies.  

This is based on their experience and their profit margins.  It is always good to shop around and get quotes from different marketing agencies that have experience in the education sector.

What Mediums Are Available

An Attractive Website

A website plays a very important roll, not just in terms of providing information about the lessons, teachers and events, but also it serves as a tool to encourage new enrollments.  

Website design for schools is important and plays a strong part of the promotion.  The actual website design needs to be clear and modern.


Branding for schools really is at the heart of any marketing campaign.  This is what sets you apart from all the other schools in the area or UK.

Public Relations

Public relations for schools serves as an important tool in marketing for schools.  Not just for reacting to media questions, but also in promoting the school itself. 

Many schools use PR for various reasons (such as responding to crisis, responding to Ofsted) making it a versatile marketing service.  

It is important that the PR agency you choose has done marketing for schools, and work in the education sector.

SEO For Your Website

SEO plays an important roll as it helps you gain internet visibility, something for a variety of reasons is important.  Search optimisations for schools websites really needs to be done by an agency that knows the education sector.


Advertising for schools is something that is important.  Certainly local advertising, so that parents in the local area know you are there and choose you over others.  

There are many forms of advertising available to schools.  

There is radio advertising, internet advertising and billboard advertising.  It is important to choose the right medium for your school.

PPC For Your Website

Pay per click marketing for schools is growing in popularity.  As more parents now make use of the internet and do a few background checks to find a good school to send their children to.  

Using a PPC agency that knows about marketing for schools is important, as they will have the experience in getting you results.

Choosing An Agency

There are tens of thousands of marketing agencies around the UK.  It is always advised for you to select one that has experience in the education sector.  

They should produce quicker and better results.  

Marketing for schools does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form and we will get you quotes to compare.

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