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With over 10,000 web agencies in the UK to choose from, finding one that can do website design for security businesses is a challenge.  

Not all web agencies are the same, skills are different between designers, technology is different and problem solving is different.  

We do suggest that you work with a web designer that knows about web design for security firms; someone that has worked in the industry before, so knows what design that work and what does not

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Why Design Matters

There is a broad range of companies that fall into the sector and all need well designed sites. Whether it is a site for GCHQ or for a mobile security firm or CCTV, creative design for your companies is important.

In the internet age, websites need to look good, work well and produce good returns, whether they be profit generating websites, or websites such as that of MI5, that looks to provide resources and information rather than profit.

Any business involved in the sector does need to have a website in place.

This does not have to be a large and complex website, it could be something fairly simple, a basic website offering a company overview, business information, FAQ’s and contact details. 

Not all security websites have to be complex high security websites, some can be very simple and advise details of the security companies services.

UK Security Industry

There is quite a broad range of industry companies in the UK, ranging from special forces and covert government agencies, down to CCTV companies.

Here are a few:

  • Mobile – for private estates or corporate functions and events
  • Guard dog companies
  • Armed guards
  • Alarm monitoring
  • CCTV companies
  • Key holding companies
  • Special Forces/Government Agencies
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Retail security
  • Industrial
  • Corporate

All the above companies would fall into the sector and all require modern websites that are visible, well designed and easy for visitors to navigate.  In such a busy industry, standing out is hard work, this is down to design and branding.

Choosing An Agency In The Industry

There are thousands of creative designers around the UK, all have different backgrounds, different experience and different skills.  For many industry companies, like those above, finding the right website designer to work with is difficult, as there are so many to choose from.

It is good advice to select one who has worked in design for the security industry in the past, and even has current clients that are security companies.  Choosing a website designer with security marketing experience should result in a better, more efficient website, rather than ‘just another website’.  If they have this experience, they will have a better idea of all the key requirements that are needed.

If possible, meeting the web designer would be wise, in order to talk through the layout, as well as the strategy, and for them to get a better idea of the security business.  It also could be helpful for the designer to visit your company, so they can get a clearer understanding of the security services being offered to clients.

Compare Web Design Prices

All creative designers around the UK offer different rates; normally the larger the web designer is, such as website designers in London that work with top brands, the more they will charge. Freelancers generally charge less, as they have lower overheads, lower profit margins and less staff to employ.

Shopping around for quotes is common these days; whether for clothes, insurance, cars or for website design, comparing quotes is important.  As all web companies are private companies and set their own web design prices, being shrewd is necessary in order to get value for money.

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