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Website Design for Software CompaniesCompare Quotes On Web Design For IT Software Businesses

Website design for software companies is essential, mainly for selling software products online.  

All companies are different and as such will attract certain types of people.  A website to one market sector may well not appear to another industry.  Certain colours appeal to some people while certain colours to not to others.

For this reason, using a web design agency that has worked with computer software companies in the past is wise, as they should have a better understanding of what kind of web design and layout will work for your business.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local website designers that do website design for software companies and know the IT industry.

Do Software Companies Need Websites?

Websites serve as a vital tool for marketing to technology companies, not just for providing information to prospective clients, and providing credibility, but also a chance for clients to purchase on-line. 

Your website is your shop window (in the digital world) and in some cases, is your only shop window.  Since we pretty much live in a digital society, many IT software companies are only visible in the digital world of the internet.

Design plays an important roll in the selling process, so having a modern and clean website should increase business revenue.  

Getting a clean and modern website is essential, whether you are Sophos, Intuit or a start up.

Responsive website design is advised, so your website will adapt to the latest smartphone updates.

How Much Would Website Design Cost?

Website design prices do vary considerably, depending on the size of the site, the number of pages that are required and the fees from the agency. 

One thing to bear in mind is that all are private companies that have their own profit margins, that is how the pay for staff, cars, holidays. 

For this reason, shopping around is essential to avoid being overcharged. 

If a they have done work in the sector, and you like the look of their portfolio, then price is not as important; as good companies can charge more.  Sometimes paying a little more for a great site is worth the investment.

Choosing A Creative Web Design Company

When looking at different creative design agencies, the problem is that there are tens of thousands around the UK.  Each saying more or less the same thing ‘we create the best sites’.  

It is important to find a great company that has great experience and good skills, but not paying through the nose for it.

Asking about their experience is very wise, if they have done work in the sector before and looking through their portfolio of past clients.  

Website design for software companies really needs industry experience.

Questions To Ask

There are a wide number of questions you can ask when talking or meeting with local web design companies, but here are a few to consider:

  • Will you write the website content or would you need our input?
  • What other IT software companies have you designed websites for?
  • What website platform do you feel is best for our company?
  • What are the website hosting options, can you provide it and why you and not a hosting company?
  • Do you offer ongoing website maintenance?

There will doubtless be lots of questions to discuss, as well as price, but these questions should open the door to further conversation.

Remember Your Marketing

Once your website is produced, the hard work begins, getting your customers to it.

As soon as a new website is created, it needs to be recognised by the search engines.  The difficulty is that your website is brand new, and you are competing against other more well established IT software website as well as global firms.

Getting onto page 1 for your keywords is going to be hard work and will take time to appear on the organic results.

In the short term, advertising on major search engines like Google and Bing is your best option.

Advertising on Bing is cheaper, but 90% of people will use Google.  PPC advertising on Google can be set up quickly and has a 2 week learn phase.

To appear organically you will need search engine optimisation.  This would include doing work on your own website to ensure page titles are all in place, keywords are appearing throughout your pages and your website is mobile friendly.

There is also lnikbuilding that can be done, with is part of the offsite SEO.

Appearing regularly on social media platforms is also good for your ‘social footprint’, which has an impact on your websites SEO score.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Website design for IT software companies really does need to be compared.

By getting quotes from a few local web designers that have worked in the IT industry in the past.  This should help you find the ‘right’ website designer for your IT software company.

Website design prices do vary significantly, as all designers set their own fees.  It is very wise to shop around for quotes on website design for your software company.

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