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Electronics marketing is about a focused marketing campaign into the electronics and technology sector.  

However with hundreds of marketing agencies in the UK, finding an agency with technology marketing experience is challenging.  

That is where we can help, as we can get marketing agencies with electronics marketing experience to put some advice and quotes together for you.

Just fill in the form to talk with marketing companies that understand about electronics and technology and electronics marketing.

Overview Of The UK Electronics Industry

The UK has a strong electronics industry ranging from design and prototype to subcontract electronics manufacture to complete manufacture.

The electronics industry has suffered however in the last 10 or so years.  As more and more (medium to high quantity) electronics work has been sent overseas.  The sector cannot compete with the prices offered by the likes of China and India.  

Therefore has to either find new ways of becoming price competitive, or adapt to pick up smaller projects or projects that have to remain within the UK (defence projects for example).

Many technology companies are looking at lean manufacturing as a way of combating the overseas competition.  

This has both good and bad effects on the industry, workforce and products. Leaner companies mean more profit, however they are going to be less staff dependent therefore employing less UK staff.

There has also been a big upheaval in global electronics with the introduction of Rosh compliance and WEEE initiatives to do with getting rid of lead within components and safe environmental recycling. 

This has caused a huge expense for the UK industry to come into line with the safe manufacture and disposal of electronics products.

Promotion For The Tech Industry

Many are starting to become more marketing conscious as the industry in the UK becomes more and more competitive and as overseas companies draw work offshore.

Many companies are getting dynamic websites set up and are using the internet to do more and more promotion.  However most still rely on the more traditional forms of promotion at events and exhibitions.  

There are a number of dedicated events in the UK (Subcon at the NEC, National Electronics Week at the NEC are a couple) and also using telemarketing and sales staff.

They can offer advice and help you to generate a stronger brand and position in the industry (through PR, events and direct marketing). 

There are a wide number of UK agencies that work within this sector and can help in getting  campaigns set up and offering strategic advice regards efficient campaign.  There are many electronics and technology exhibitions on around the UK.

Advice And Strategic Help

The reality is that much of the technology industry manufacturing is overseas now.  

The remaining UK sector is struggling to continue going; the recession is an added hurdle that UK companies have to cope with.

There are some good agencies in the UK that have sector experience.  They can help to produce effective campaigns that result in profits for you.  Talking to an technology marketing experienced agency is very wise for any technology or electronics business.

Many marketing agencies do specialise in specific industry sectors.  

There is no point you talking to one that focuses on marketing for banks. Some essential tools for electronics marketing and for technology sector businesses in the UK:

An Attractive Website

A website is an essential tool for you.  As for any business a website is your shop window and the first thing that potential customers will see. 

Consider technology companies outside of the UK, most have very modern and attractive websites. 

There are website designers with electronics experience around the UK and these are the ones to talk to regards either brand new sites or website re-design.

Public Relations And Media Support

Public relations support is another essential tool to consider for electronics marketing.  There are a broad range (both large and small) of PR agencies with electronics and technology experience around the UK.  They are the ones that you  should be talking to regards media coverage. 

PR can be very cost effective and can be highly targeted, making it an essential consideration for any technology or electronics business in the UK.  Mobile phone companies like O2 and Vodafone use PR very effectively to get positive media attention.

PR for mobile phones and telecoms companies is common.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having an website is one important, essential in todays world.  However with the competition in the technology industry, there is no guarantee of you being found.  

Website optimisation is important (not necessarily essential) for companies to be found on the internet.  SEO for electronics websites is important for you to appear in relevant search queries.  

We do recommend talking to SEO companies that have experience in technology marketing.

Paid Advertising For Your Website

Paid adverts for technology firms (PPC) are visible on the every page of search engines.  They are all about short cutting SEO work, so that web users will see your advert for exactly what they are looking for.  Even if your site is not coming up on the natural searches.

The way it works is that you would pay a small amount each time someone clicks on your advert.  Search engines are funded by pay per click advertising.  

It is in their interest for people to use the adverts rather than the natural results.  However pay per click for electronics companies is necessary in order to get onto page 1 for any search term that is targeted.  

With the hundreds of PPC agencies around the UK, we recommend you using one that has experience in technology marketing.


Although a little old school in the digital era, telemarketing for technology companies is still one of the best forms of direct marketing.  

Telemarketing for telecoms companies like O2 are used both to contact customers, but also for call handing of existing customers.


E-marketing for technology companies is a very cost effective and efficient form of marketing.  Very simple to set up and run, no cost to the environment.  This is a very popular form of marketing for any electronics or tech business.

Closing Thoughts

As a price comparison website, we want to ensure that you find the right agency.  Not only that, but you get the best marketing for your money.  

Shop around and compare quotes from marketing agencies that know about electronics marketing.

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