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There are over 200 web designers in Birmingham, giving you a great selection to compare.

Thanks to the University of Birmingham, there is lots of local creative talent.

The problem is finding the ‘right’ agency.  Do you go with the cheapest one, or an award winning one, a freelancer?

This is where we can help, by getting you quotes from a few local web design experts in Birmingham quickly.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from local web designers in Birmingham that know your industry sector.

Why Do You Need A Website

Knowing why you require a website will help determine what kind of website and how much you need to pay/invest is important.

Every business needs a website, but all require them for different reasons.

Talking to a few web designers in Birmingham about your goals is wise.  They firstly should be able to tell you which website platform is best for you (popular ones would be Joomla, WordPress, Wix).

A dog trainer does not require a large website, but an online shop (like would require a large website with a payment gateway.

Knowing why you need a website is step 1 and an important step.

How Much Would A Website Cost?

This is quite a difficult question, since there are a number of things to consider:

  • How many pages would be on the website?
  • Would you require a payment gateway on the site?
  • Would you require new content to be produced or blogged?
  • Would you use social media sites like Twitter or Facebook?

If you are a well established company, using an agency is wise, as they would have the experience and resources you require.  If you are a new company, maybe a freelancer or small web company is best if you are on a budget.

Another thing to consider when talking to a few website design agencies in website hosting.  Many agencies do have website servers and encourage customers to host their websites.  For this they will charge a monthly hosting fee.

This is good for them, as it ties you in, plus they get a monthly fee for doing nothing.  However it may not be in your best interests.

There are lots of website hosting companies in the UK, so we advise you comparing a few quotes.  Website hosting ranges from £5,00 per month up to around £50 for a dedicated server.

What About Your Web Content

Your website content is the most important part of your website, so care needs to be given as to what is created.

Many companies leave the agency to create the content, which is fine as most can do this or use a website copywriter.

However no-one knows your business like you do.  You know your products/services better than anyone and have the passion that goes with it.

If you are involved in creating the content (or at least the framework) for the designer to work around, this should result in a clearer and more passionate message.

As any web designer in Birmingham would advise, your website is your shop window and it needs to stand out to your customers.  The danger is that your website blends into all the others and does not stand out.

Consider Your Marketing

Any web designer in Birmingham will agree that once your website is created, this is where the hard work starts.  

Getting more website visitors and people placing orders is the next job.

This can be done in two stages, long term and short term.

The quickest way is using paid advertising on search engines and social media websites.  There are lots of PPC agencies in Birmingham that can help with this, but some web designers offer PPC also.

In the medium to longer term, SEO is needed.  However this does take time, and is quite a specialist ‘art’ as it constantly evolves as search engine algorithms change and adapt.  For this reason, talking to experienced SEO companies in Birmingham is wise.  Most web designers do not offer SEO as it is quite specialist.

Some web designers in Birmingham do offer digital marketing (SEO, PPC & social media marketing) but many do not.

If you would like to get quotes on your future marketing, just let us know.

Social Media Is The Vehicle Of The Future

One of the most powerful marketing tools is social media.  Platforms like Twitter and TikTok are used by both global brands and startups to tremendous effect.

Posting on social media is free of charge, but there are sponsored options which may be relevant.

Talk to a few web design experts in Birmingham for advice on which platforms and options would be best suited.

Compare Multiple Quotes

As all web agencies in Birmingham are independent, all charge differently for their designs and costing of time.  We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web designer in Birmingham, that may be helpful.

Therefore it is necessary to compare a range of quotes in order to see what is a fair price to pay. 

Certainly as the recession is still affecting many businesses around the UK, getting the best value for money is important.

To compare quotes and receive advice from several local web design agencies in Birmingham, simply complete the form to the right.

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