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When considering a new website or website re-design, talking with website designers in Birmingham is the logical thing to do.  

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As there are over 200 web design studios in Birmingham to choose from, finding someone can be difficult, due to the volume of choice.

We do advise using someone that knows your industry (be it engineering, food, education, IT etc.) as they will know what designs work and what kind of website your potential customers should respond to.

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Owing to the strong creative element from Birmingham University; there are well over 200 marketing companies in Birmingham.  Ranging from students that have just completed university, up to larger creative agencies that offer a multitude of marketing services alongside web design.  

There are also many PR agencies in Birmingham that can support you via the media.

Choosing A Creative Agency

For businesses around Birmingham, it is wise to select someone that is local, as scheduling meetings will be simple.

 As there are thousands of web designers in the Midlands, it is a simple matter.  

It is always advised to meet up with them, partly to ensure that they are what they claim to be, as websites can make a company anything, and base them anywhere.  Also, by having a meeting with a web designer, you can get to know them, and you can talk about their experience in your industry face to face.

This leads on to the next point, experience.

It is always best, whenever possible, to select a designer who does have experience in your industry.

Through their having worked in your market, they will have a better idea of which designs will work and which ones won’t. 

Also, they will have a better idea as to what your competitors are doing and place you accordingly.  

Consider Your Marketing

Once it is created, this is where the hard work starts.  Getting lots of website visitors and people placing orders.

This can be done in two stages, long term and short term.

The quickest way is using paid advertising on search engines and social media websites.  There are lots of PPC agencies in Birmingham that can help with this, but some web designers offer PPC also.

In the medium to longer term, SEO is needed.  However this does take time, and is quite a specialist ‘art’ as it constantly evolves as search engine algorithms change and adapt.  For this reason, talking to experienced SEO companies in Birmingham is wise.  Most web designers do not offer SEO as it is quite specialist.

Compare Creative Agencies

As all web agencies in Birmingham are unique, all charge differently for their designs and costing of time.

Therefore it is necessary to compare a range of quotes in order to see what is a fair price to pay. 

Certainly as the recession is still affecting many businesses around the UK, getting the best value for money is important.

Prices depend on the agency, their overheads and their profit margins.

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Overview Of Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK after London, thanks to its growth during the industrial revolution, spurred on by the canal infrastructure, and the growth in manufacturing. 

The city’s culture swelled just after the war years as waves of immigrants swarmed in, bringing the current population to well over 2 million. 

The automotive industry historically has its roots in the city thanks to the canals.  However, these days manufacturing accounts for only 10% of the city’s industry. 

It was targeted by German bombers during the war years, due to the manufacturing industry, and as a result did suffer. 

Finance has also played a big role in the city’s growth with Lloyds and Midland both having their roots in the city.

The term ‘brummie’ comes from the nickname ‘Brum’ which is a play on one of the older names of the city from centuries ago; ‘Bromwicham’.  

It has a wide variety of colleges and universities leading to its strong creative resources.

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