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There are some 20 website designers in Fort William, mainly freelance designers with a few smaller website design studios.

There are also a few marketing agencies that offer creative services, along with other design services, such as branding, digital marketing and advertising.  There are larger web design agencies in Inverness at the other end of the Loch.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local web design companies in Fort William that know your industry sector, without obligation. 

What Kind Of Website Do You Need?

Every business needs to have a website in our modern world, whether you are an online retailer like Amazon or a dog trainer.

As any web designer in Fort William will as you ‘what kind of website do you need’?

All websites are built on different website platforms, each suited to different businesses and services.

Shopping websites may be designed on a platform called Shopify, however Shopify websites are notoriously difficult to do SEO on.

A popular website platform is WordPress, which is what around 30% of websites are build on.

There are many other types of websites available and more as technology goes on.

Talk to a few website design companies in Fort William to see what type of website is suited to your business.

Selecting An Agency That Is Local

As Fort William is some distance away from other ‘hubs’ in the Highlands, it does make sense choosing a web designer who is local.  

The main reason is so that you can meet them, get to know the designer (or design team) and chat through your ideas face to face.  

Having the personal contact is a great thing, certainly in a society that is so large and so distant, and can help in the designer’s understanding of what is needed and required.  

Did you know that there are over 2,000 web designers in Scotland?

A meeting also gives the chance to chat through the designer’s experience and knowledge of the industry. 

As all agencies have their client portfolios some will have experience of your sector, such as tourism, farming, banking, engineering, and so forth, and some will not.  

Why talk with website design companies in Aberdeen if there are agencies locally?

Some Points To Consider

When talking to web designers in Fort William, these are a few points you should consider:

  • Website Platform

As mentioned above, what web platform is best for your business?  Not all web designers in Fort William work with all web platforms.  Platforms like Wix, Weebly, WordPress are popular but most designers only work with one or two.

  • Website Content

Who will produce your website content, would you write it, or would you need the designer to create it.  Since your business is best known by you, if you are involved in the writing of the content, your passion will come through.

Web designers in Fort William can write your website for you, or use a website copywriter.  However they may look at your competitors websites to create yours.

  • Website Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted on a server.  Not all web design agencies in Fort William do have servers, the ones that do will encourage you to go with them.  This way they can charge you a monthly hosting fee, it also ties you into working with them long term.

There are lots of website hosting companies in the UK, we advise you comparing quotes.  Prices range from around £5,00 a month to £50 depending on how large your website is (5 pages or 50,000).

  • Payment Gateway

Did you need a payment gateway in order to take online payments?

Not all web designers in Fort William can code them into a specific web platform (as each will be coded differently).

There are a wide number of payment gateways on the market these days, Paypoint, Sage and many banks now offer them.  Paypal was one of the first, started by Elon Musk.

There are many points to consider talking to web design agencies in Fort William about, these are just a few of them.  Again, another reason to compare quotes as all agencies will address them differently.

Compare Local Web Design Prices

All website designers in Fort William set their own rates, so it is necessary to shop around and compare quotes.

In todays society we are used to shopping around and comparing quotes. Certainly this is something that is important when it comes to creative website design, as website design prices can escalate very quickly.  

One thing to bear in mind is that the cheapest website is not always the best; you do get what you pay for and certainly a cheap site often does look cheap.

To compare designs and quotes from local web design companies in Fort William, free of charge, just fill in the form.

Fort William In A Few Words

Fort William is situated on the west coast, in the Highlands of Scotland, and was named after ‘William Of Orange’ after the fort was constructed.  

Fort William was in the area of Clan Cameron, and the town grew initially during the English Civil War, and further after the Jacobite rebellion, to suppress the population.  

The area is considered one of natural beauty, being at the southern end of the Great Glen, close to Glen Coe and Ben Nevis, and has around 10,000 inhabitants.

It is noted for the aluminium plant, thanks to hydroelectricity, and for Shinty.

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