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There are around 40 website designers in Halifax.  Working with a local company only makes sense.  

Simply fill in the form and we will get 5 web design experts in Halifax to produce a quote for your new website.

There are around 40 web designers in and around the town; this is a relatively small number of designers for the number of people who live in the area.  

However much of the design talent has shifted towards Bradford and Leeds as they are more commercial.

Additionally there are around 15 larger marketing companies that offer web design as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as advertising, PR and  digital marketing.  There are also a few small PR companies in Halifax that can assist you with media support.

Selecting An Agency

There are a broad range of website designers in Halifax to choose from.  

Also from neighbouring Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds, care needs to be taken with regard to which agency is selected.  

Talking to web design agencies that have experience in your industry is something that is advised.  

By looking through their portfolios they should show you the kind of sites they have designed in the past.

Working with a designer that is based locally is always advisable, however if the designer is based around the area then that is also OK.  

Using one that is based in London or Scotland just does not make sense.  

Visiting a web agency is always advised, so you can “suss” them out, meet the team and ensure that they know your business and objectives.

However as COVID has made meeting in person dangerous, a ZOOM meeting is a safer option.

We have put together a few tips on choosing a web designer, which may be helpful.

Compare Prices

As all agencies are different, all offer different approaches to design.  They each have different skills to offer, and different web design prices.  

Selecting the ‘right’ designer is important; the cheapest is not always the best, but cost is always an issue, certainly considering the economy.  

By comparing quotes and designs, businesses can be assured that they are not overspending, and are getting the best value for money.

For free advice and quotes from local web design companies in Halifax, just fill in the form.

A Few Words About Halifax

This is a minster town in the fair county of Yorkshire, West Yorkshire in fact, and is best known for wool, its Building Society and its ‘Mackintosh chocolate’ which is now owned by Nestle.  

The oldest reference in 1091 is as ‘Halyfax’ and it was considered by the locals that John The Baptist’s head was buried in the town.  

This is why there is a picture of the saint on the towns coat of arms.  The minster in Halifax dates from the 12th century, and was dedicated to John The Baptist.

The first organist was the person who discovered the planet Uranus, William Herschel.  It has just under 100,000 people living in it and is growing.

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