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There are around 7 PR agencies in Halifax, most of which are freelance journalists. 

Many of the larger agencies have moved to nearby cities such as Bradford or Leeds. 

There are around 10 marketing companies in town that offer public relations as part of a range of marketing services.  Such as website design and branding, to assist larger clients who need more marketing support.  

There are also a few PR companies in Halifax that have a specific industry focus such as engineering and telecoms.

It may be worth getting quotes from a few of the smaller PR companies in Huddersfield?  In addition there are a few small website designers in Halifax that can assist should you have any web related needs.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Halifax that know your industry.

Choosing A Local Company

It is always easier working with a local agency, rather than one that is based hundreds of miles away.

If for no other reason than the loyalty that comes through working with somebody local. 

If you only work via e-mail, or occasionally by means of the ‘phone, then you are just another client, a number that can wait, as opposed to someone with whom you have a proper working relationship.

Visiting the agency before signing up with them is very important, allowing you to see their offices, perhaps to check they are not working out of a bedsit!

Meeting the team should give you a feel for their culture and how they go about working.  

By this means you are hopefully able to give them an insight into your own business and objectives.

Selecting PR agencies in Halifax that knows your industry is also important.  Due to the fact that they will have contacts in the industry and understand the trends in the market, which should help in the effectiveness of the campaign.

Should you not find the right agency local to you, there are plenty of PR agencies in Bradford or Leeds, which has many larger companies. 

In fact, there are indeed hundreds of PR agencies in Yorkshire, so that even if a local one is not suited, there should be plenty within easy travelling distance.

Compare Quotes

All PR agencies in Halifax set their own rates and PR prices vary therefore, as there are no standard rates.

Generally speaking, the larger PR companies in Halifax charge higher fees due to having higher overheads and higher staff costs.  They may have special expertise or prestige which leads to higher fees.  

Smaller firms charge less as they have fewer overheads and lower profit margins.

It is the norm in today’s world to shop around and compare prices.  But choosing a firm on cost alone is unwise.  As the cheapest does not equal the best, and you should factor in experience, location and their ability to produce results.  

With regard to the latter, it is wise to ask for details of recent or current clients, who you might approach for a recommendation.

Halifax In A Few Words

It is situated in West Yorkshire and has a population of a little over 80,000. 

A local legend has it that it is the resting place of John the Baptist, or at least that his head is buried in the town, the coat of arms does carry the image of his head. 

The oldest reference to the town is as ‘Halyfax‘. Its fame is as a centre for wool manufacture. It is known for the Halifax Gibbet, which was an early form of the Guillotine, last used in 1650.

On the subject of things sharp, in 1938 there was a strange episode which was blamed on the ‘Halifax Slasher’, as people had been attacked and cut with knives.  However, once Scotland Yard had been brought in, it was discovered that the victims had inflicted the wounds on themselves.

Halifax is known for confectionery and also the well known building society which is now part of HBOS and TSB, one of many banks to receive government help as part of banking crisis.  

There are around 400,000 living in the area according to government stats.

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