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There are a wide variety of website designers in Portsmouth.  

There are freelancers, small design studios, and marketing agencies that offer web design along with other forms of marketing.

There are brand new website designers that have just started up, and there are agencies that have been trading for over a decade.

Most marketing companies in Portsmouth offer web design services, but because they are larger, they can charge more than a smaller designer.

Finding the ‘right’ one can be difficult.  Do you go with the cheapest, do you go with an ‘award winning’ one?

This is where we can help, by getting you multiple quotes to compare.

Just fill in the form to get a few quotes from local website designers in Portsmouth that know your industry sector.

The Need To Compare Quotes

Since all website designers agencies set their own rates, the cost of your website will vary considerably, depending on which agency you select.  All web design agencies set their own profit margins, so prices will vary.

Going with the cheapest is not what it is all about (like with car insurance), however paying the most expensive does not guarantee the best.

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a website design agency, that may be helpful.

Just fill in the form to talk to web design agencies in Portsmouth that know your industry sector.

What Kind Of Website Do You Need?

All companies in Portsmouth need to have a website, whether it is an essential part to your business or not.

Do you need a web re-design or a brand new website?

Do you want an ‘off the shelf’ website, a basic website or something more customised?  Websites like Wix offer very basic template designs.  As technology develops, they can look good and professional.

Is it going to be an online shop with a payment gateway? 

Let us know and we can get you quotes from the ‘right’ agencies in Portsmouth.

What About Updates?

All websites need to grow and develop, very few businesses want a website, and that is it.

Will you be adding new pages to the site, or adding blog posts, or will you need an agency to manage this?  Will you do the content, and just need it uploaded, or would you want an agency to handle this for you?

One thing to consider is mobile usability.  Since most of us use smart phones these days, how your site appears of different devices is important.  in fact this will effect your ranking on search engines. 

Also as updates come out on your web platform, they need to be installed.  This is similar to a tidy of your house, dust settles and cobwebs appear.  The same can be said for your website, it needs to be looked after.

What About Marketing?

Once your website is set up, you need to get visitors to your website.  For this, you need to consider your marketing, something most web designers do not offer.

After all, what is the point in having a website if no-one visits it?

Once a website is launched, the search engines need to visit it (this is called crawling) to see what your website offers, what products or services you offer.  This is knows as your keywords, such as if you are a plumber in Liverpool or a dog walker in Gravesend.

In the short term, you need to submit your website to Google via your search console.

Many companies use PPC advertising, which is Googles sponsored program to get you onto page 1.  Each time someone clicks on your website link, you are charged a small fee (this could be £2.00 a click or more depending on the competition).

Ideally though you want people to visit your website every day by appearing in the organic search results.

This is known as SEO or search engine optimisation and this is something that may well take time.

As such there is the need for creative studios that have a broad range of design and SEO skills, so that you can ask for SEO advice from designers.

Depending on how competitive your industry sector is, the SEO could take months or even years.  Insurance for example it highly competitive so a new insurance company will face an uphill struggle to get onto page 1 for ‘car insurance’.

Compare Multiple Prices

All web agencies in Portsmouth are different.  All have different experience, different skills and all offer different web design prices.  It is advisable to shop around to find a range of quotes based on the following:

  • Location – they are local
  • Experience – they know your products/services and designed in your market before
  • Cost – compare quotes to ensure that you do not overpay

Did you want just the website, or would you need other areas of marketing too (such as development work on the backend, internet marketing, PR)?  Were you looking for just a web designer, or did you need a marketing company?

Let us help you compare prices from a few web design experts in Portsmouth, just fill in the form.

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