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There are a wide variety of website designers in Portsmouth.  

Ranging from students that have recently left the university and decided to set up by themselves.  Up to larger marketing companies in Portsmouth that offer design work as part of a broader range of marketing services.

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Local Creative Companies

Working with someone local to design you a new site (or to do a web re-design) is always better than an agency that is 100’s of miles away.  

Why talk with web designers in Southampton when there are so many locally?  

Firstly, the ability to visit their offices, meet the design team and chat through design ideas can be done regularly.  

You want to ensure that you are the most important client to them, in order to get as much value for money from it.

Working With a Local Agency

It has a wide diversity of businesses ranging from aerospace and maritime, down to retail and finance.

As such there is the need for creative studios that have a broad range of design and SEO skills, so that you can ask for SEO advice from designers.

It is good for businesses in the city area to select a local agency on the grounds that a face to face meeting is easy to schedule. 

Working with a company that is 100’s of miles away is fine; however there is never going to be the same level of service as using a local web company. Another thing to consider is to select an agency that is experienced in the industry. 

If you have an aerospace company or a maritime company, then using a designer that has produced similar sites to yours is advised, due to them having design experience in your niche.

Should you need media support, there are many PR agencies in Portsmouth that may be of interest to talk with.

Compare Multiple Prices

All web design companies in Portsmouth are different.  All have different experience, different skills and different prices.  It is advisable to shop around to find a range of quotes based on the following:

  • Location – they are local
  • Experience – they know your products/services and designed in your market before
  • Cost – compare quotes to ensure that you do not overpay

With all web design agencies in Hampshire, generally speaking larger agencies charge more than freelancers and smaller agencies.  They have more staff, more expensive offices and higher overheads.

Let us help you compare prices from web design companies in Portsmouth, just fill in the form.

A Snapshot of Portsmouth

It has always had important naval ties due to its geography, and being sheltered by the Isle Of White, it has historically been home to the British Navy for hundreds of years.  

It has a population of roughly 200,000 and this is growing as the University expands and businesses in the area continue to grow. 

Even though Portsmouth has over 2000 years of history and was populated by the Romans, there is no mention of it in the Domesday Book, which is very strange. 

During the world wars, Portsmouth played an important role in the defense of Britain, when even use was made of the Napoleonic sea defenses, such as Spitbank Fort.

Portsmouth did see a decline when the dockyards were closed, as they employed 10% of the city.

However the new aircraft carriers being build by BAE will bring much needed work. 

It is also home to Northop Grumman (US Aerospace contractor) and Zurich Financial Services.  

The city council is looking for further ways to boost income other than Gunwharf Quays.

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