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There are around 50 website designers in Redhill who are mainly freelancers, and also some 40 creative studios that offer this as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as graphic design, PR and advertising.  There are a few larger web design companies in Croydon.

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Choosing Someone Local

As there are quite a selection of web designers in Surrey around, it makes good sense to use a local company rather than one who might be hundreds of miles away.  Choosing a website design agency that is local means that you can meet up with them and chew over ideas and designs face to face.

 In the meeting you they will be able to give you 100% attention, as opposed to swapping e-mails while multitasking.  By meeting the agency, you can see where they work, meet the design team (if they have one) and ask them about their knowledge of your industry.  

For a designer to know your industry puts them at a big advantage, as they will know which designs work and which do not.

Compare Multiple Prices

Web design prices do vary.  All web designers in Redhill set their own rates depending on their size, overheads and profit margins.  The main thing about websites is that they look good, are designed to function well, and are fruitful with high conversion rates.  

The cheapest website may not achieve this, so comparing agencies in order to find the best, with the best design, for the best price, is important.

An Overview of Redhill

Situated just south of London in Surrey.  It came into being in 1818, and was so called due to the Post Office having moved from Red Hill Common (it was formally called Warwick Town).  

Like many other towns around the UK, Redhill really took off thanks to the railways and in particular the London – Brighton railway.  

The town has roughly 25,000 people living in the area, and a claim to fame was for the connection with Ronnie Biggs (the Great Train Robber) who was living in the area when he was arrested in 1963.  The council is trying to encourage more business into the area.

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