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There are over 200 web designers around Croydon, many of which are smaller web companies and freelancers who live locally, and are just starting out.  Since it is such an important commercial and economic place, many larger companies base themselves here.  

As having an office does bring with it a level of respectability.  It is also a popular area for businesses to run ‘virtual offices’, and therefore companies that are not located in the area do register their offices in the town to have a respectable address.  

Why Local Web Design Agencies Are Best

Location is always something that is important.  

We do live in a global world, but there we feel local is better.

There is a loyalty that comes with working with someone in the same town or office block.  Why talk to web designers in Wembley when there are so many around locally?

Meeting A Web Design Partner

We do encourage meeting a creative agency before working with them.  Other than checking that the company is who they say they are, the other advantage of meeting up is the chance to chat through design ideas face to face.

Care also needs to be given in choosing the right size of agency.  If you are a small company, then choosing a web designer that is more affordable agency is better.  If you are a larger business, a larger agency that has more staff and resources may be more appropriate.

Have You Considered Marketing?

Once your website is up and running, the next job is to get visitors to the website.

Planning ahead is always good advice!

This can be done in two ways, paid advertising and organic listing.

Paid advertising is best in the short term.  Whether this is using social media platforms like Facebook and Tiktok, or whether you use the main search engines (although this is very expensive depending on your keywords).  Marketing on Tiktok or other social media platforms is very affordable and seems to be the future.

Organic listings would take time, as your website needs to be ranked for your keywords, you start at the bottom and work your way up.

Compare Multiple Website Design Prices

Different sized web agencies in Croydon charge different fees.  

Generally the larger the agency the more that they charge, because of higher overheads and higher profits.  As all web designers in London are independent companies, all are in business to make profit, and therefore care needs to be taken in comparing web design costs to avoid over spending.

This is about creating a virtual shop window and therefore the cheapest quote does not mean the best design. However as all aim to make profits, in todays recession all companies need to shop around in order to get the best value for money.

It is important to compare web design prices in London as prices vary so considerably.

Your Website Is Your Shop Window

Your website is your shop window, it does need to stand out.

The internet has been around for a while now, and we all (subconsciously) know what we look for.

This is why meeting someone in Croydon is wise, to ensure yours is not ‘just another website’.  You need to stand out from your competitors.

A Brief Overview Of Croydon

This town, south of the City of London, has a name which comes from the Anglo Saxon ‘Croh’, meaning the flower crocus, and ‘denu’.  

Which means valley, so “valley of the crocus”.  

At the time of the Norman Conquest, it was part of Surrey and is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as having 365 inhabitants, a church and a mill.  

Due to its location it was a natural corridor to the South coast when the railways were established in the 18th century.

These days Croydon is an important hub in London’s business infrastructure, and has around 330,000 inhabitants.  

More recently it was the scene of some of the London riots with looting that happened across London, Birmingham and other major UK cities in August 2011.

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