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There are around 15 branding agencies in Canterbury which range in size from being smaller design agencies and freelancers.

The problem is finding the ‘right’ branding company for your business.  Do you select the agency at the top of the search engine, since if they are at the top they must be the best right?  Wrong, they just have a better optimised website, they may be brand new. 

When considering branding companies in Canterbury, we do advise using someone that knows your industry sector.  

If they know your industry, they are more likely to produce you an efficient brand.

That is where we can help, whether you are in the engineering industry, healthcare, legal, we can get you quotes from branding agencies in Canterbury that have experience in your market.

What Is Branding?

So what is branding, is it to do with your logo or your marketing?

Branding is one area of marketing that actually involves a variety of channels of marketing.  This involves your logo, your website, shop layout, staff uniforms and marketing material in general.

Have a think about some companies that have strong brands and we can pick it apart to find out why they have strong brands:

  • WHsmith
  • Pepsi
  • Kellogs
  • Cadburys

All these companies are in different industries but all carry strong brands, but why?

Have a look at the names and have a think about what they have in common, how do you feel when you think of them.  You have been into a WHsmith shop before.  You have had a can of Pepsi before.  Y0u have some Kellogs cereal in your cupboard along with some Cadburys chocolate.

They are all established brands, you know them, you trust them.  Some of them have been around for over 100 years.

Is is that it, you need to be running for decades in order to be trusted.

Not at all, consider Hello Fresh, a brand new company that you have heard of and whether you have used them or not, you know the brand.  The same with Deliveroo, a pretty much brand new company, but you know them.

Not all branding companies in Canterbury can turn you into the next Cadburys or Hello Fresh, but they would have used a branding agency to create their brand (or do a re-branding for them).

Your brand does need an experienced branding company in Canterbury, not a brand new agency that has no design experience.  If the agency knows your industry, whether it is the legal industry, agriculture, retail they are more likely to effectively communicate your message via your marketing material.

  • Logo – Your logo needs to work for your industry but it also needs to stand out in your industry.  Does your logo carry a message, subtle or obvious.  This could be linked to the founders history of starting the business, the number of shops you have etc.
  • Website – A modern responsive website is a good choice that is clear and simple to navigate.  Very often in our digital world, your website is the first thing your customer would see.  Most of us now do all our shopping online thanks to the COVID lockdowns. 

Selecting A Branding Agency

From the many branding companies in Canterbury, it is advised to select one that is local rather than  design  companies in London. 

This makes visiting them easier.  It is advised to visit the agency, in order to cover all issues and objectives.

During the selection process, focus needs to be given towards their background and knowledge of your industry.  This will give them a head start on being able to create a brand that works for you and creates a response (as opposed to a murmur).

If they know your industry, they will know your clients.  

They will know your customer base, and what they are likely to respond to. In Canterbury, there are a number of larger marketing agencies.  These agencies offer support services such as website design, advertising and public relations.  

These may be a consideration if you will need a broader marketing support other than just branding.

Compare Multiple Prices

Cost is always an issue to any business.   Brand development work can be very expensive (certainly for larger brands) so by looking around and getting some quotes, savings can be made. 

Local branding companies around Canterbury can provide ideas and quotes for design work within hours.  Branding prices will vary from agency to agency.  

As all agencies set their own fees, they will all differ.  There needs to be price comparison in order to get the best agency at the best price.

An Overview Of Canterbury

Canterbury is a city in the east of Kent at the bottom right of England. 

It was originally called ‘Durovernum Cantiacorum’ by the Romans and roughly 100 years after they left, it was called Cantwareburh (which meant ‘Kent’s People’s Stronghold’ in old English) by the Saxons. 

Many historical structures remain in Canterbury from the Roman’s.  The city walls, the Norman castle and (it is claimed).  There is also the oldest school in England ‘The King’s School’ (claimed to have been established in 597 AD).

During the 1300’s the city had the 10th largest population in England, until the back death killed 2/3’s of the population bringing it down to around 3,000 (according to council data). 

The second world war effected the city which has 135 air rides receiving 10,445 individual bombs. 

It has a population of just under 50,000 but still is a Cathedral city with a well renowned University (Canterbury University) along with around 5,000 businesses based around the area.

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