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All branding agencies set their own fees.  Branding prices do vary considerably from agency to agency depending on a number of things.
  • How long they have been established
If a branding agency has been running for 20+ years, they will charge more than a freelancer.  They may not be able to produce you a better brand, but they will charge you more.
  • Their profit margins
All branding agencies are private companies.  All set their own fees and therefore branding prices will vary considerably
  • Their overheads
If they are a top branding agency in the City of London, they will have high office costs.  They will have higher running costs than someone working from a rented office in Scunthorpe.

Why should I compare quotes from branding agencies?

All branding agencies set their own fees, so comparing quotes is essential.  There are hundreds of branding agencies in the UK, so shopping around for quotes is essential.  The important thing is can the branding agency produce results?  A student fresh out of university could produce you a better brand than a top agency in London.  It is all to do with design flair.

What To Look For In A Branding Company

The main thing to look for is experience.  Does the agency know your industry?  Have they done branding for companies in your sector?  If you are a florist, why are you talking to an agency that specialises in branding for banks?  Finding an agency that has experience in your market sector is important.

Compare Multiple Branding Prices

As a price comparison website, we want to see you get the best agency for the lowest price.  All branding companies are independent and will sell themselves as ‘an award winning agency’.  This is just marketing designed to capture you.  You are best comparing quotes and design ideas from different agencies in order to find the right one for you.

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