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A companies brand is the feeling that is brought in by the business name, their logo, their theme.  

Particularly how it makes people feel and the emotions it creates.  Brand development is used by many blue chip companies.

Many businesses get into a rut as far as their identity is concerned.  Kind of like hitting a stone wall and reaching the end of the road as far as where the image can lead.

A classic example would be considering the Coca Cola company; a brand that has been running for decades and stayed largely unchanged. 

However the organisation has developed itself and adapted as the years have gone by.

How Do Brands Develop?

Brand development is all about the journey, taking the customers with you.  

As the company and business grow, the customers do follow. As Coca Cola has developed, we all have in a sense been on the journey and been a part of the development.

This has been the emotional journey that we have all been a part of and noticed the brand develop.  The company has remained the same, the product the same, but thebranding has changed.

  • Continuity of marketing

Developing does need to be a gradual process.  McDonald’s launched their ‘I’m lovin it’ campaign which was a complete re-brand and a complete change to their old image.  Developing the brand is building and adapting the marketing that is already in place gradually

  • Modification of advertising

Like the brand marketing, the advertising needs to keep the same underlying theme; but instead of being a sharp change, does need to be adapted so that the changes are subtle.  This way the customer does not have to buy into a completely fresh brand.

Why Do Brands Develop?

If a company is established in its market place, it will have a loyal following of customers that know and understand the business. 

To do a re-brand will leave customers confused and they have to actually buy into the new image (rather than accompanying on the journey as the company adapts and develops.

If a business has had a lot of money and resource being put into establishing it, doing brand marketing.  Then a complete change would basically waste all that building work.

Better to build on the foundation that is already in place; and then modify it subtly to take the image from A to B.

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