Communication Skills

Communication Skills

A Big Part Of Communication Is Learning To Listen And Not Talk

Communication skills are an important factor of sales training, without them sales people cannot effectively engage with clients.

Some of the problems that many sales people have are down to their personalities. 

This is the nature of the sales person and needs to be trained out of them.

It has long been said that God gave us 2 ears and one mouth. 

This is true and needs to be considered when selling. 

People love talking about themselves, so get the customer talking. It has often said that a sales person ‘has the gift of the gab’ – meaning they talk talk talk. 

The problem is, that if they are talking, the customer is listening (and probably getting very bored).

The key to communication skills, is questioning skills.  Ask a question, will get someone talking, and you listen.

Repeat what the client has said

If the client makes a point, repeating it shows to them you have listened to what they have said, and you can address it. 

This has much more impact than just answering the point.  In repeating, you can do any objection handling.  This handles issues the client has, whist demonstrating that you are tuned in.

Do not interrupt the client

Sales people have a habit of asking a question and then answering it. 

It is the height of rudeness to interrupt so let the client answer a question or make a statement (even if it is wrong) and finish – then answer it (having listened to what they said).  

This is party linked to selling skills, partly linked to good manors.

Take notes on the conversation

Taking notes when with a client does two things; it shows the client you are interested and paying attention but also helps you take the information in.

Many sales people are good at taking in information and processing it.

However studies show that writing information down engages a part of the memory that stores information over listening.  This shows communication skills.


Many sales people do not smile when talking to clients. 

Smiling is infectious and even if you are working from a telephone, people can tell you are smiling. 

It lifts the mood of the conversation and communicates that you are alert, interested and friendly.

These are obvious factors, however as mentioned, may sales people have these character traits that will act as stumbling blocks within the sales process. 

Sales training companies can look at these areas and address them to re-train the sales person/sales team into being better listeners, better communicators and better sales people.  

You can go onto google and look for agencies, or fill in the form above.

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