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Some Helpful Sales Training Companies AdviceAdvice For Sales Training

Some helpful sales training companies advice for getting good trainers and providing value for money.

As sales training companies, you are in a privileged role.  

To be able to impart your knowledge and experience to hundreds of companies and thousands of bright eyed sales people.  Many that are keen to develop their skills as they run the race that is sales.  

Telemarketing for training companies is something that is useful in generating new clients.

What Is The Most Important Factor

The most important thing you need is experience. 

Text book learning cannot replace the cold hard reality of making mistakes and learning from them.  

Then sharing your knowledge so that others avoid the same mistakes. 

Sales trainers that are involved with sales for a few years and then work as a trainer are never as good as those that have been involved in the game for decades.  

Sales training companies advice is to use seasoned sales people as trainers.

Being A Hard Nosed Salesperson

Sales is all about rejection, for every yes there are 100 no’s. 

Remember that when someone says no, they are not rejecting you, it is what you are trying to sell that they are rejecting. 

It may be for any number of reasons (however most sales people think it is always price related) and those reasons may be outside of your control. 

Being able to communicate this to young sales people is important as many take rejection too seriously. 

Even as a trainer you will face rejection and this is to be dealt with in exactly the same way as any sales person would handle it. 

Just shrug it off and get on with the job (trying to learn from any mistakes made).  Sales training companies advice is to train tough sales people.

Be Tenacious

Having the drive and tenacity to get to the top, will make you a better trainer. 

If you have had to push and push in your sales career, this will be communicated to those you are training through your stories of experience.

Sales training companies advice is to weed out weak salespeople.

Sales Training Skills Do Not Change

Sales is a natural process, we are all sales people in one form or another.

We are all selling ourselves, our personalities every day, so you have it in you. 

Sales has not changed from the day the first trader started selling flour from their cart back in the early human days.  

The same objections would come up and now 2,000 years on, the material is the same.

Cost Is Never The Issue

The best sales trainer was Jesus.  He sold a free intangible product that cost nothing, yet costs everything. 

People often say that sales training is expensive, but people often say that anything is expensive.

Be A Positive Influence

As motivators, you need to be positive.  In sales you always have to be positive, always have to look on the bright side and be optimistic. 

Sales is hard work and is always an up hill struggle, so training people to wake up every morning thinking ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ is the first thing to do and should become a natural habit

Belief In Yourself

You have succeeded, now you can help others succeed. 

Your wealth of experience has taught you how to become a successful sales person, now you can bottle it and help others to get to where you are without the pain and learning curves. 

Not to say that as sales people, they will not make mistakes, as sometimes the most valuable lesions are learnt through the mistakes that are made.

Stick To What You Know

So many sales training companies have tried to diversify their courses and material so that it covers a wider range of subjects and industries.  However if this is not home, then should not really be done. 

Stick to what you know as you will be able to communicate it that much better. 

People buy people.  If your candidates can see you are passionate about your subject and you have the experience, they will respond that much better and take on board your material.

Ask For Feedback

As sales trainers, you are also learning; sales training does not stop when you start teaching it, it just changes. 

By getting feedback (good and bad) you can continually hone your courses so that they are as good as they can be. 

Ask for feedback on anything right down to the colour of your clothes (as some colours project a positive message and some do not).

Promote Sales Training

There are so many companies that desperately need sales training companies advice, but do not do it. 

This could be for being too busy, never tried it before or a variety of other reasons. 

Many companies have staff that need to be woken up or motivated, that have not considered a days training could change their profits. 

Get your message out and help where you can (even if it involves doing a free half days training to get the ball rolling).

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