Sales Training For Engineering Companies

Sales Training For Engineering CompaniesDoes Your UK Engineering Company Need Help With Sales Training

Sales training for engineering companies is essential in a post Brexit Britain.  

Keeping your sales team razor sharp is important if you want them to be successful and productive.  Sales training also helps staff retention as a producing sales person is a happy sales person.

The engineering industry has changed since 2010 and the recession.  

Engineering projects are more plentiful and there is more competition in the industry.

Having an efficient sales team is essential to your engineering business being successful. For this, we do advise you talking with industry experienced sales training companies.  

With over 200 sales trainers in the UK to choose from, selecting someone that has a background in engineering is vital.  

If you are in need of sales training coursesfor your engineering sales team, just fill in the form.

Get Your Engineering Sales Team Trained

The main reason to use sales training is to keep staff sharp at selling.  

All sales teams need to be motivated.  All sales teams need at times to go back to the classroom and back to role play.

Classroom training is a big part of sales training, as this is where many selling skills are learned and honed.  

Doing dummy sales presentations allows your team to practice questioning skills and objection handling in a safe environment.  

For the class and the trainer to give feedback and pointers will help them learn from each other.

Refresher Courses

We all forget things, and fall into bad habits and the same can be said for sales people.

Sometimes they get used to selling each day that they forget the A-B-C’s, the foundations that they learned last month or last year.

Sending sales staff on a refresher sales training course for a day or two once a year can make the different between successful selling and missing an opportunity.

Many engineering companies find that refresher courses are helpful in keeping sales people selling.

Why You Need Sales Training

All sales people get into bad habits, and as a business you want your sales team to be razor sharp.

They need to be forward thinking, able to improvise within complicated negotiations and think on their feet.

They need good product knowledge and good sales skills.  

Sales training for engineering companies allows this opportunity. Sales people can also be lazy.  Bad habits are learned by cutting corers.  

The longer a sales person goes without training, normally the more bad habits they have picked up.

Sales Staff Retention

Sales staff that are not selling are either fired or leave of their own choice.  If a sales person is not selling, they are not happy and are not earning their commission.

Sales training should ensure that they are keeping their sales skills sharp and hopefully they are selling well for your engineering company.

If they are selling and are hiring their targets, they are happy and are unlikely to leave your engineering company for another sales job.

Where Would You Do Training

Many UK sales training companies offer both onsite and offsite training, as well as remote training if necessary.

  • Onsite Sales Training – Onsite sales training is where the training company would visit your engineering company, and train your staff in the comfort of your own offices.  This can be beneficial as your sales staff are more relaxed being in familiar surroundings.
  • Offsite Sales Training – Offsite sales training is where you would go to the sales training companies offices.  Sometimes this can be good as they have all the resources to train teams of 2-3 sales people up to huge teams.  The downside is travel and the cost involved in taking all your team off the job coupled with transportation costs.
  • Remote Sales Training – Remote training has become more popular over the years with Zoom being a popular platform.  This does bring the cost down of sending staff to a training company, plus staff should be more relaxed in the comfort of their own homes.

How Much Does Training Cost?

Sales training prices do vary considerably depending on a few factors, the principal being the agency that is selected.  

All sales trainers are privately owned and therefore have profit margins to cover things like cars, houses, holidays, school fees etc.  

Shopping around is important so as to avoid being overcharged and just adding to someone’s holiday fund or yacht.  

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best sales trainer, for the best price.

It is not about comparing quotes to find the cheapest sales trainer, it is about finding the ‘right’ sales training company for your engineering business.

Choosing A Sales Trainer

When considering sales training for engineering companies, it is wise to select someone that knows the manufacturing sector.  

One that has engineering clients and one that can demonstrate a track record of success. If they have an engineering marketing background, they are in a better position to support you.

Compare Multiple Quotes

We do encourage talking to a few different sales training companies, in order to get a feel for prices and proposals.  

Rather than spending time going through websites on google, just fill in the form and we will get you quotes to compare.

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