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The UK is quickly becoming a strong country in the IT sector, as manufacturing has moved out technology has moved in. 

There are a wide number of tech companies around the UK and the sector is growing as competition grows.  

Therefore sales training for IT companies is required and needed for all the sales teams.

Most IT companies have sales teams in place (both office based telemarketing teams and field sales teams) covering regions around the UK.

Training is a vital process if IT companies want to remain competitive and generating business.  The main reason for training is that sales people can get into bad habits.  

Once these habits are practiced over time, the sales person is trained to sell wrongly.  They then practice that bad habit.

Regular Training

Sales people should be selling on a daily basis.  If they slip in the process, then this could well be practiced, leading to the sales person learning their mistakes.

Regular ‘refresher’ courses are needed in order for the sales person to become better at their job.  The same thing happens with sales training.

Regular refresher courses in sales will keep their basic sales skills fresh.

Sales techniques do not change, but the way they are used and applied do.

Your products are consistently changing and improving; therefore the selling technique needs to be relearned each time.

Motivation is another key reason for training; sales people can get depressed easily if they are having a tough month.  So 1 day each month to re-motivate them could well work wonders. 

Having a motivated IT sales team is much more powerful than one that has not been trained for months/years and just battles on.

IT Training

The IT sector is constantly changing and has its own process of selling.  The need for IT sales trainers is important for them to train your sales teams.

They are the best kind, as they are equipped with experience and the industry jargon. It would not make sense for a sales trainer that has a background in medical sales to train IT companies.

However a sales training company that has years of IT sales training experience would be much better suited.

Sales training for IT companies is essential. They would teach the following selling skills to your team:

The idea in the early days is to take your sales team back to the classroom. Teaching them the foundations of the selling process.  

Refresher courses can then be used to build on these sessions and grow their skill base.

Compare Training Companies

Sales training for IT companies is essential if you want your sales team to be efficient.  

We do advise talking to a few different training companies, in order to get a feel for industry experience, prices and proposals.  Sales training prices do vary from agency to agency.

Price comparison is popular these days, and as sales training prices vary significantly, shopping around is important.  

Don’t spend time on google trying to find a sales trainer that knows about sales training for IT companies, let us help.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 sales training companies that have IT marketing experience.

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