Closing The Sale

Closing The SaleWhy Closing The Sale Is Important

Sales training companies offer many techniques to teach you about closing the sale.

There are different ways of closing the sale and the skill is knowing when to use each type of close.

These selling skills can be applied to many other areas of life (not just in sales).  

Once you have learned affective selling techniques, you have a valuable asset that can be used throughout your professional and personal life.

Objection Closing The Sale

One way to close an order is to put your prospect into a corner.  

This is an old technique and needs to be handled carefully.  

When doing your sales presentation to a client (whether over the phone or face to face); try to bring up reasons during the conversation as to why they do not want to buy.

By tackling each of these head on (objection handling), you can close the doors that a client may go through to get out of buying.  

Once all the doors are closed, there is no escape and the client is faced with the only way of getting rid of you is to order.

The problem however is post sales blues. Once you have left, the client may then change their mind and cancel the order.  

In closing the sale, you need to take care with this.

If you objection handle properly; then the client should naturally convince themselves that what you are selling is what they want.

Straight Up Closing The Sale

Sometimes just asking for the order up front and honestly will take the client by surprise.

This is normally done by saying ‘so, can we consider this a sale?’ – or something similar.  Sometimes this is all you need in closing the sale.

This is a high risk close, as it is done with a closed question.  

If the client says no, then you may well be stuck.  

However many sales people have been on the brink of getting an order, but never actually asked; just pitter pattered around and left.

Discount Closing The Sale

Sometimes when the prospect has said no, offering a discount or incentive may just tip the balance.

This is done all the time in shops and supermarkets. Something that you would never normally buy if you see it reduced, you may just try it.

This needs to be handled with care, as sales people can tend to see price as being the reason why they are not selling, and rely too much on selling at a discount.

Assumptive Closing The Sale

A positive approach is infections; if you see someone smiling at you normally you will smile back. If someone is talking with you are starts laughing, then you are inclined to join in.

The same can be said about sales.

If you are positive and work on the basis that the client is agreeing with you, giving you positive feedback and IOI’s (indicators of interest) then assuming they are going to buy can sometimes result in them buying.

It would appear odd if a client is agreeing with you, laughing along with you and giving you buying signals to suddenly stop and say no.

A word of caution would be to ensure that your post sales support team is there to support them so that the client does not get cold feet once you have left.

Sales training companies can teach these skills in more detail and provide important role play exercises on how to practice and implement the skills.

Also a sales training company can teach how you can gauge the process to know which technique to apply to each sale.

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