PR For Marketing Companies

PR For Marketing Companies

Compare Quotes On PR For Your Marketing Company

PR for marketing companies is essential, as marketing companies are in such a competitive industry.  

Many marketing companies opt for doing PR themselves, however the time it takes means that they neglect clients.  

We always advise using public relations agencies that have experience in doing PR for marketing companies.

Finding the right PR agency will be difficult as there are thousands to choose from.  A quick search on the internet will bring up millions of pages.

This is where we can help, to help you compare quotes from local public relations companies.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR agencies that know your industry sector.

UK Marketing Companies

There are over 20,000 marketing companies in the UK, ranging from telemarketing agencies, SEO companies, digital media, sales training etc.  

Lead generation for marketing companies is important for them to grow.  

In a way, marketing for marketing companies themselves often takes a back seat.

As the marketing industry is so fiercely competitive PR is something that is very important to making one company stand out in their niche, industry and geographical location.

If marketing companies are associated to any marketing associations such as CIM then it can put a positive spin on a PR campaign.

The Need To Stand Out

With marketing, there is the need to stand out as the market place is a busy one and growing ever more competitive by the day week and month.

Choosing a marketing company is difficult as each one markets themselves as being the best.

‘We are a family run agency’.  ‘We are the UK’s top marketing company’ the list goes on.  Glowing testimonials on their websites make it difficult to choose one agency over another.

Posting regularly on social media websites is also something that works with the public relations message.

Choosing A Public Relations Agency

As with choosing a marketing company, selecting a PR agency is a tricky business.  Do you go with the top agency from the internet or one of the sponsored links.

We always advise having a face to face meeting, to get to know them.

What kind of claims to they make on their website, are they claiming to be the ‘UK’s number 1 PR company’, the meeting gives you a chance to find out if they are.

All PR companies have different experience.  Some have been trading for 20 years, some 20 minutes.  A meeting gives you a chance to see how long they have been trading for and how experienced they are.

Media Exposure

Marketing companies look for instant results and demand a lot from public relations agencies.  Using both online PR and offline public relations to boost their exposure and broaden their brand foothold.

PR is all about standing out in the crowd, offering something unique and different to all the other marketing companies around the UK.

Choosing which media publications you want to be found in is important.

What industries do you specialise in, farming, healthcare, engineering?

All public relations agencies will submit press releases via online news portals such as Newswire or PR Fire.  However it is best it the PR agency will pick up the phone and talk to a flesh and blood journalist.  To call them and say ‘I have got a red hot press release for you that is like liquid gold’!

Public Relations Takes Time

Many marketing companies do recognise that public relations does take time.  

Sending the media message does take time and generating exposure can take months or even years.

Generally the nosier an industry is, the longer it takes to rise to the top and  be recognised as a leader.

This is difficult for marketing companies; as often time is against them, certainly during times of recession results do need to be ongoing and visible progress to justify ROI.

Experienced Agencies Offering Public Relations For Promotion

Despite media companies being involved in the marketing sphere, many do not work in the advertising arena.  They work for clients across other industry sectors (food, FMCG, automotive, defence).

There are a number of PR agencies that do work in the arena of marketing and as such; these would be the ones for firms to talk to about getting a campaign in place. 

For free quotes complete the form opposite.

Shop Around And Compare Quotes

For marketing agencies, it is wise to shop around and compare PR costs, as all public relations agencies set their own rates.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best PR agency for the best price.  

With public relations, you do not get what you pay for, the most expensive public relations agency does not make them the best.

PR coverage for any company is essential, and does not have to be expensive.

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