Looking After Your Customers

Looking After Your Customers Is ImportantTelemarketing Is A Great Way To Look After Your Customers

Telemarketing and lead generation are all about bringing clients on board, but also used in looking after your customers.  

Traditionally used in building the pipeline and driving the customers into the fold of your company and services.  But what happens if your call an existing customer by accident?

Many companies then miss out the most important thing, which is looking after your customers.

Telemarketing is a great way to ensure your customers are cared for. The sales process (sales pipeline) looks something like this:

  • Cold Call/Initial Contact
  • Introduction
  • Qualified/Sent Information
  • Proposal
  • Negotiation
  • Meeting/Close

However this is where many companies leave the sales process. 

Looking after your customers once they have signed on the bottom line is them something that is secondary.  They have paid their money and they are now on board.  

But many customers then need looking after, need to be nurtured. 

Looking After Your Customers

Instead of putting all the sales resource into new sales; consider putting some into customer retention.

The reason is that 80% of business comes from repeat business.  So if you are not looking after your customers you are potentially loosing 80% of your revenue. 

A scary prospect when put into figures, but the reality is that many companies are in this situation. 

Pouring the life giving water into a leaky bowl.

Telemarketing is a great tool for looking after your customers.  Account management of your clients should bring in 80% of new business. 

It is generally acclaimed that companies need 4-5 courtesy calls to feel compelled to re-order.  

So by having telemarketing going to your existing clients, you could well improve your profits (just by looking after what you have got).

Also, even if clients do not re-order, they still feel important enough for you to call and see how they are. 

Ignoring customers or sending unpersonallised e-mails can have an negative impact on the clients trust of your service/products and a quick call goes a long way. 

People need to talk, need to feel wanted and appreciated.  Especially if they are spending a lot of money with your business they need to feel cared for.

It has been said, look after your customers and they will look after you.

Telemarketing can also be used to uncover issues before they become problems. 

Some people are to polite, or to busy to raise issues.  Once the issue has had time to fester, it becomes a problem that if not dealt with properly, will cause in the loss of the sale.

Consider The Costs

When you weigh up the cost of a quick courtesy call to a client 2-3 times per year (just to check that everything is OK) against loosing a client then the answer is obvious.  

Looking after your customers should be a priority.

There are people out there that love to complain.  If you call up to see if everything is OK, they will use the opportunity to moan, but that is life. 

They are fee paying customers and must be heard.

If you need help with looking after customers, we can help.  

Telemarketing prices vary from telemarketing agency to agency.

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