Marketing For Hair Dressers

Marketing For Hair DressersDoes Your Hair Dresser Need Marketing Support?

Marketing for hairdressers is essential, mainly because of the size of the market.  

Relying on returning customers is not enough sadly and marketing is necessary, whether you are Toni&Guy, or an independent.  

Just fill in the form to get free advise and quotes from marketing companies that know the hair care industry.

Why Is Marketing For Hair Dressers Needed?

The days  relying of passing trade is long gone; for a few reasons.

  1. People use the internet more.
  2. People opt for certain types of hair stylist
  3. Some are more for social meeting
  4. There is more competition now than ever before

For each of these reasons, you need to employ a variety of tactics in order to stand out and gain new customers (and retain existing ones bringing repeat business).  

Getting a haircut is quite a personal thing, so there needs to be a good client to stylist relationship.  Marketing for hair dressers needs to be geared around a relationship.

What Kinds Of Marketing Are There?

Hair dressing is different to many businesses, as you are a high street business that aim at a specific market.  However saying that, everyone that walks down the high street could be a potential customer.

Dynamic Websites

No matter how large or small your salon/empire is, website design for hairdressers is important.  Your web design itself will give customers a feel for what you are like as a salon.  

Websites are also a great way to control bookings.

Why they should go to you and not somewhere else?

SEO For The Website

There is no point in having a website if no-one finds it.  SEO for hairdressers is important, particularly local SEO to ensure that your are visible online.


Advertising is an important part of marketing for hairdressers.  Advertising for hairdressers on the most part it best kept local.  

Unless of course you are a national or global hair brand.

This is something different to every other business.  Some good tactics for you would be PR, a website, some interet advertising, and local advertising.

Media Coverage

PR for hairdressers can be very effective in generating local media attention.  Public relations is also a very cost effective form of marketing for small companies.

Social Media

Social media websites like TikTok can be a great way to engage with customers, and a very cost effective/free form of marketing.

How Much Would Marketing Cost?

Marketing for hair dressers can get very expensive.  

However marketing costs can be controlled by being targeted and focused campaigns. Depending on the area of marketing you require, the amount of marketing you require, also the agency you select.  

All marketing agencies set their own fees, so the same campaign could be thousands of pounds apart depending on which agency you select.

Get Multiple Quotes On Marketing For Hair Dressers

It is wise to get a few quotes from different marketing agencies, a few different proposals and get a few prices in.  

Shop around and compare quotes, marketing for hair dressers does not need to be expensive.

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