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Advertising for hair dressers and hair salons is essential.  

The hair industry is highly competitive, and is growing.  

However finding a suitable advertising agency is hard, as there are so many advertising agencies to choose from.  

We do encourage hair businesses to use an industry experienced agency.  

This is where we can help, by getting your quotes to compare from industry experienced agencies.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from advertising agencies that know about marketing for hair dressers.

Is Advertising Needed?

In any town or city in the UK, there are a lot of hair salons.  

Industry leaders like Toni & Guy have been around for a long time.  Freelancers that work from home.  Independent hair dressers and Turkish barbers.

Customer loyalty to a hair dresser is the main thing that keeps customers coming back; however what about new customers.  

What about getting new customers in during the quiet days, towards the end of the day or early in the day?

Advertising is needed, but finding the right agency and the right form of advertising.

What Medium Of Advertising Is Needed?

In most cases, advertising needs to be local, so radio adverts are good, banner advertising, leaflets in local shops, some local TV advertising or billboard promotion.  

The national hair dressers (like Toni & Guy) have stronger brands, but the industry is mainly independent hair salons. Another option is localised PR campaigns.  

Talking to a PR agency that knows the hair care industry is also a good idea, as PR can be low cost and low impact

How Much Would Advertising For Hairdressers Cost?

Advertising always costs money, however advertising for hair salons does not need to be expensive.  

As you are only targeting your local population, low impact advertising is best. Advertising for hair salons can be very affordable.  

But can be very expensive depending on what kind of advertising is used, how much is used, and which agency is selected. 

Advertising prices need to be compared based on industry experience and results. We always advise shopping around.  

Getting the right marketing agency is important, but bear in mind all are private companies and therefore set their own fees.

Ask the agency about KPI’s (key performance indicators), what guarantees can they offer and how long will it take for them to generate you a ROI (return on your investment)?

We do encourage shopping around for prices, like any price comparison website.  

We want to help you get the best advertising agency for the cheapest price.  Advertising for hair dressers does not need to be expensive.

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