Marketing For IT Software Companies

Marketing for IT software companies is essential in such a crowded and competitive marketplace.  Whether you are a company like Sophos, Sage or Intuit, or just a small startup, marketing for software companies is essential.  Just fill in the form to talk to marketing companies that know and understand the computer and IT software sector.

Do You Need Marketing?

In the busy world of IT, software and communications, standing out in the crowd is important.  The reason is simple, because if you do not, your clients will most likely go to your competitors.  Marketing is all about communication.  Telling the message and spreading the seed is what marketing is all about.

How Much Would Marketing Cost?

How long is a piece of string is the thought that comes to mind.  Marketing can be very affordable, to highly expensive, depending on what kind of marketing is needed, how much is required, and which agency is selected.  Marketing for IT software companies does not have to be expensive, just creative.

What Mediums Can Be Used

There are around 20 different types of marketing, that can be used by you to ensure you are seen and known to your potential clients.

A Dynamic Website

Websites are essential, and play an important roll in selling products and packages.  It is wise to select website design agency that has done website design for software companies in the past.  As they should have a good idea of what sites will work and convert web traffic well for you.


Advertising is very important for standing out among a busy market place.  He who shouts loudest tends to be the one that is heard.


Branding is what makes one business stand out from another.  It is all about the kind of feelings and emotions that are brought to mind when people view your business website, literature and information.

SEO For Your Website

SEO for software companies is all about coming up on internet searches.  As software is non local,  companies need to appear on national and global searches (as search engines always try do display local results).  SEO is a big part of marketing for IT software companies.


This is a quick way of cheating search engines organic ranking.  As above, search engines try to second guess what users will want, so PPC advertising can ensure that you can appear on page one 24 hours a day.

Choosing An Agency

When considering selecting an agency to work with, the problem is that there are tens of thousands to choose from; we do advise selecting someone that knows and understands the sector.  By selecting an agency that has worked in the sector, has current clients that are involved in the industry and a track record of success.  Marketing for IT software companies is very important, make sure you choose an agency that knows what they are doing.

Get Multiple Quotes

We do encourage getting a few quotes from different agencies to compare, and request different proposals.  Marketing for IT software companies does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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