Marketing Ideas For Hair Dressers

Consider some marketing ideas for hair dressers.  There are thousands of hair dressers in the UK.  From established brands like Supercuts and Toni&Guy to the local hair salon on the corner.  Marketing ideas of hair dressers are always useful.

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Why Do Hair Dressers Need Marketing?

The days of having a hair dresser and relying on passing trade is long gone; for a few reasons.

  1. People use the internet more.
  2. People opt for certain types of hairdresser
  3. Some hairdressers are like social meeting areas
  4. There are more hairdressers now than ever before

For each of these reasons, hairdressers need to employ a variety of marketing tactics in order to stand out and gain new customers (and retain existing ones bringing repeat business).  Some marketing ideas for hairdressers would be being both proactive and reactive.

What Kinds Of Marketing Are Good For Hair Dressers?

Marketing for hair dressers is different to many businesses, as they are high street companies that aim at a specific market.  Some marketing ideas for hairdressers would be:

A Dynamic Website

Even if you have regular customers, having a good website is essential.  A website can be set up quite quickly and can be very affordable.  Website design for hairdressers does need to be fun though.  Every person in the UK is potentially your customer, so making the website creative and fun is a good idea.


Some other marketing ideas for hairdressers would be creative advertising.  Advertising for hair dressers is important.  It is important because you have such a lot of competition.

Social Media

One of the best marketing ideas of hairdressers is to be active on social media.  Social media marketing uses sites like snapchat and Facebook, which can be very effective in raising your brand awareness.

How Much Would Marketing Cost Hair Dressers?

Marketing can get very expensive, however marketing costs for hairdressers can be controlled by being targeted and focused.  Some marketing ideas for hairdressers include being creative, and this may well help keeping the cost down.

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