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Marketing for engineering companies is essential in an ever growing industry.  

The problem is finding the right agency, as there are hundreds in the UK.  

We always advise using an agency that has experience of doing marketing for engineering companies.  The engineering industry in the UK is growing well after the difficulties with the recession of 2007.  

Standing out in a busy and ever growing global market is important for any engineering business.

What kind of marketing is best for an engineering company?  
Do you need marketing?  

Surely if you are good at manufacturing, then you will get repeat business from existing customers?

These are all questions to consider, but the truth of it is that engineering companies do need to use marketing.  

Marketing is all about communication.  Communicating the message of why a customer should use you rather than one of your competitors.

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The Need For Marketing

Any engineering business that wants to grow and develop needs to use marketing to generate new business and canvass for new work.

Manufacturing companies around the UK probably need to make use of this more so than any other UK business.   The engineering industry on the whole is growing again after the recession in 2007.  There is uncertainty as we tussle with Brexit.  

Whatever the economic situation, marketing for engineering companies is essential.

If you want to grow your business, you need to use multiple forms of marketing in order to grow.  This would be a mixture of direct marketing (pro-actively hunting new business) and reactive marketing.

Choosing A Creative Agency

Of the tens of thousands of marketing agencies in the UK, we do advise talking to someone that knows the engineering industry. 

Communication will be much clearer if the agency knows how the manufacturing market works.  They will know how your business works and the engineering sector as a whole.

Dynamic Website Design

Websites play a crucial part in marketing, they act as your shop window (in today’s world) showcasing your products and services.  There are still engineering companies that do not have websites yet!

With the tens of thousands of web designers in the UK, it is best to use one that has done marketing for engineering. businesses in the past  Website design for engineering companies is essential, as your website is the first thing that a new customer will see.  Websites are the first call of marketing for engineering companies.

Your website needs to be modern and appealing, as well as getting lots of visitors from the search engines.  Most people these days will use the internet in order to look for anything, so you need to appear for your niche.

PR And The Media

Using a PR agency with engineering experience is important.  They have an understanding of the engineering industry, they know the key players, and the media publications and who to talk to.  

Getting good PR coverage will help you to generate larger contracts.  Having regular articles in magazines like The Engineer will be seen by most key companies in the manufacturing sector.

PR is a very effective and relatively low cost form of marketing.  It is geared more as brand awareness rather than direct lead generation.  If you are in the media on a consistent basis, then your name should become household in many ways.

Telemarketing And Lead Generation

Calling around the local businesses trying to generate RFQ’s is a tried and tested way for you to generate new sales enquiries.  Lead generation for engineering companies has been done for decades now and has always proved a targeted and cost effective way to generate new business.  Using a telemarketing company that knows about marketing for engineering companies is essential.

Although it is an expensive form of marketing (involving day rates of £300+) the returns can be higher, quicker and better than other forms of marketing.

One of the main benefits of telemarketing for engineering companies is that it is more or less instant.  Different in many ways to services like PR, telemarketing is a direct form of marketing and can generate enquiries more or less instantly.

SEO & PPC For Your Website

Linked into having a website, marketing of your website is the next most important thing.  It is great to have a fantastic website, with great pictures, great testimonials and great  content.  However if no-one knows it’s there, it is pointless.

This is the dilemma for engineering companies right around the UK.  Lack of enquiries coming from a website that has been re-designed and invested into.  The main issue is that you are competing against all the other engineering businesses, as well as recruitment websites and industry websites.

There are hundreds of SEO companies around the UK.  However for you, it is wise to select a SEO company that has done marketing for engineering companies.  SEO for engineering companies is essential for your website to be found.

PPC Adverting

Paid advertising is just as difficult, as there are so many PPC agencies around that offer paid search support, choosing someone that has done PPC for engineering companies is a very wise move.  Often SEO takes time, and you do need to have an internet presence.  PPC is the perfect way for your to be found online.  Certainly as most people will use the internet when looking for a CNC machinist, a laser cutter etc.

Social Media

Social media marketing is now a very big area for lots of UK companies.  Search engines over the last few years have taken more and more interest in social media platforms.  

If your engineering company is not on Twitter, Linkedin or other platforms, Google will frown on this as unusual.  You would not need to be on all platforms, but posting regular updates on one or two would be good advice.  Choosing the right social media platform is important, as they are all different.

Linked into social media is social media advertising.  That would be sponsoring specific keywords so that if someone is interested in your niche, then your advert will always show.  Like PPC, advertising on social media is quick to set up and much cheaper than advertising on the main search engines.

Promotional Gifts

It is always better to give than to receive, and promotional gifts play an important roll in the marketing arsenal.  

Think on how popular the Sports Direct umbrellas are?  To have branded mugs or branded pens will be marketing that lasts for years.

Promotional gifts are very cost effective.  Like PR it is like scattering seeds, seeds that can last for years.

There are many options for promotional gifts for engineering companies.  Using innovative ideas and creative thinking can help turn a prospect into a customer just through some clever marketing.

Exhibitions And Events

Exhibitions are frowned upon, due to the rising costs of exhibition stands, floor space rent at exhibitions and the cost of taking staff out of the office for the day.  However events such as Subcon and Southern Manufacturing are great places for you to be seen.

Engineering exhibitions are popular and area great opportunities for engineering companies to showcase themselves.

Sales Training

Most engineering firms of a certain size have a sales force, and as such, these teams need sales training and nurturing.  Sales training for engineering companies needs an experienced trainer.  One that understands about marketing for engineering companies.

Engineering Experience

It cannot be over stressed how much industry experience effects marketing.

For the agency to have a background in doing marketing for engineering companies you just need to look at their client list.  Most agencies do have a portfolio of clients they have worked for.  If they have worked for laser cutters or deep hole drilling companies, they will be likely to help.

A meeting also is wise, so you can chat to them about the sector and see how much they really do know.  If you are investing into a marketing campaign, you want it to have the best chances of being effective.

Compare Multiple Quotes

We do advise shopping around for quotes.  All marketing agencies are independent companies and therefore set their own fees.  Marketing prices vary significantly so it is very wise to shop around for quotes on marketing for engineering companies.

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