Marketing For IT Companies

Marketing For IT CompaniesConsidering Marketing For Your IT Business?

Marketing for IT companies is essential, whether you are a global leader like Intel, or a small software business.  

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The IT sector in the UK is a specialist and diverse industry and includes thousands of businesses ranging from computer hardware, support, maintenance, logistics and so on. 

Many overseas companies have brought resource into the UK as the country turns from a manufacturing base to a service focused nation.  As such, marketing for IT companies is very important.

Many IT and telecoms companies are looking for new ways to market themselves. 

The industry is competitive and also is in competition with the likes of the US and the Far East, so therefore the campaigns need to be on target.

Some work with leading brand names such as Ericsson and Microsoft, some with smaller firms.

The UK has a wealth of marketing experience that you can tap into and get advice. 

This being the case it is advised that you do shop around to find the best and most price competitive marketing company to work with.

Website Design 

Many IT companies look to keep website design in house; however some do use external experts to handle web design and web development work.  

For many, using an external company for overflow work, one off projects or even as an external think tank is wise and necessary.  

Websites play an important roll in marketing for IT companies. It is advised to select one that does website design for IT companies.  They will have a better understanding and grasp of what is required, what designs work and produce results.

Public Relations And The Media

As with many areas of marketing, many IT companies do keep PR in house.  

However may subcontract out projects, overflow work or handling specialist projects that may come up.  

Many IT companies do opt to use specialist PR agencies as a think tank to bounce ideas over.  

PR is an important area of marketing for IT companies.

There are over 5,000 PR companies in the UK so it is advised to select PR agencies with IT experience.  They will know the industry, know about how the market works and the media to focus on for articles and press releases.  Plus know the contacts at the media publications to talk to.

SEO For Your Website

Many businesses do outsource SEO work (rather than handle it in house).

Larger companies (such as Sony Erricson, Microsoft, Google) will have resources in house; but many would use an expert SEO business to help.  

As the IT sector is so highly competitive, SEO plays an important roll in marketing for IT companies. It is wise to select experienced SEO companies in the IT sector.  Rather than any of SEO company  There are thousands of ‘SEO experts’ around the UK, so choosing one that knows the sector is very wise.

The industry is highly competitive and companies are vying for position 1 on search engines, leading onto paid advertising and social media marketing.


In today’s highly competitve world, telemarketing is proving very popular.  Both for lead generation and handling incoming calls (like a call centre) companies are looking into using telemarketing companies to help with their marketing and new business drive.  

Telemarketing is very helpful in marketing for IT companies.

It is always very important to select a telemarketing company that knows the IT industry.  They will have a better idea of how to start and develop the campaign (without trial and error).

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising due to the way the industry has been squeezed along with other industries due to the recession.  

Many products are considered as ‘luxury’ as opposed to ‘essential’ therefore during times of recession many people cut back.  For this reason, PPC has become a very popular area or marketing for IT companies.

It is advised that PPC advertising for IT companies is carried out by experienced experts.  There are thousands of so called ‘experts’ that offer support and campaign management, choosing an expert in the technology industry is very wise.

Sales Training

Most IT companies have sales teams, which needs consistent nurturing and training.  For this reason, sales training for IT companies is needed.  

Sales training for IT companies really needs an agency that understands about marketing for IT companies.


There are many IT events and exhibitions on around the UK which are great to attend.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts for IT companies are very popular, particularly at events and exhibitions.  

Normally things like flash drives are given away, but creativity is always good.

Get Industry Support

Marketing for IT companies is essential, so to is getting the right form of IT support.  

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