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PR for toy shops is an essential area of marketing, from small toy shops, to top toy shops in London.  We all remember ToysRus, the top toy brand that buckled under the pressure of online shopping.

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Once upon a time Britain had a thriving toy industry. With toys ranging from handmade dolls, Dinky toys manufactured in the Midlands, trains and building bricks all being made in the UK.  This supported the UK in terms of manufacture, distribution, packaging and retail.  Matel is now one of the leading toy shop brands, which will likely change as ToysRus did.

Now more or less all are imported from countries around the world, especially China.  This means that the manufacture, packaging, design and supply all go to other countries.

Most business in the UK is now retail; shops ranging from the large chains, such as Hamleys and Toymaster, down to the privately owned shops in the high street.

UK Toy Industry

The industry is of course massive.  Every child likes playing with them, and the occasional adult; for boys, for girls, for babies the variety and scope is vast.  New designs and concepts are constantly coming onto the market across all age ranges, shadowing the advances in technology and development of computer related games, which apply to all ages.

Competition in the industry has always been high.  As the internet has become more established, more parents are using the web for toy searches and to buy cheaper toys.  Websites like Amazon are popular for cheaper toys.

Video Games

Over the last 20 years, we have seen the video game sector boom.  Leading companies such as EA Games have re-invented the gaming industry from being for children for adults also.  Video game websites are linked well into their PR campaigns.

Media Support

Marketing and the media is important for toy companies.  Owing to the competition the need to stand out is essential, certainly for the smaller and independent toy shops.

Christmas is the busiest period for TV advertising for toy companies.

Industry Experience

There are thousands of PR companies around the UK, ranging from small consultants, who work freelance, up to large agencies.  It does make good sense for toy shops to talk to a specialist who knows the industry, and worked in the sector before, knows how it works and what media channels there are to gain brand awareness.   We do highly recommend talking with agencies that are experienced in PR for toy shops.

Owing to the amounts of money the larger shops spend on marketing (around the Christmas period), it is hard for smaller independents to compete.  Public relations is a good marketing tool as it can be low impact and targeted.

Compare Multiple Prices

As all public relations agencies are independent, PR prices around the UK will vary.  This will depend on where they are based, what their overheads and running costs are, what their experience is like and what their profit margins are.  It is essential to obtain advice from several agencies and compare costs, in order to avoid overpaying, and to establish the best campaign.

As a price comparison website, we want to help you to find the best agency for the best price.  PR for toy shops requires a specialist media agency that is experienced in the toy sector.

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