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If you are looking to get quotes on website design for aquatics companies, we are here to help.  Britain loves it’s fish, both to eat and to keep as pets at home.  

As such, web design for your aquatics business is essential.  As people look to buy fish both for home aquariums and for aquariums in businesses.

Just fill in the form to receive free advice and quotes from web designers who know the aquatics industry.

Aquatics Industry

The aquatics sector has been around for decades now and aquariums have developed a lot in terms of their technology. 

There are a wide number of fish companies and aquatics suppliers around the UK, from the larger garden centres, to more bespoke shops that sell more specialist aquariums, or high end aquarium designs for offices or homes.

Aquariums are popular for many, both in the domestic market (large and small) and for businesses in offices.  Websites serve as an important tool to showcase products.  The most famous in the UK being the London Aquarium.

Aquatics Websites

There are a wide number of aquatics companies around the UK.  Certainly the industry is growing as the needs of consumers change.

Most aquatics websites are e-commerce, which need to have the facility to purchase supplies and cleaning services on-line.  The website does have to be produced with a payment gateway in mind.

It does need to be designed with flash ideally.  As having fish swimming on the site makes it more interactive.

Another area of growth is in external water supplies and ponds.  An increasing number of garden centres are catering for water gardens and domestic ponds.  As are the more specialist aquatics companies working with larger ponds and lakes.

Website Features

The main feature that the websites need are images; for visitors to be able to see the aquariums or ponds and the range of fish.  There needs to be pictures of the fish, the pumps, the cleaning equipment, fish food and supplies.  Having good website content is also important, to explain why buying from you is better than buying from a competitor.

Most people will search for a local store for supply reasons, and then look through the pictures on the site.
There are many web design agencies who design these kinds of website, so they would be the best ones to talk to with regard to having one set up.

Compare Web Design Prices

As there are so many agencies that can help with building a new website or a website re-design, it is advisable to approach several to source ideas, receive advice and compare quotes.  All agencies charge their own rates for design work, as there is no industry standard, so it will pay to shop around.

As costs vary, there is the need to shop around for web design prices to ensure you do not overpay.  Web design for aquatics companies does not have to be expensive, fill in the form to see.

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