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Finding the right agency that can offer website design for care homes can be frustrating, as there are so many web designers in the UK to consider.  

Using an expert that has worked within the caring industry is the past is wise, as they will know what designs work and how to make it more efficient.

Just fill in the form to get 5 quotes from web design agencies that can either build you a new site, or do a website re-design on your existing site.

Care Homes In The UK

How the website looks and feels is important.  People have to see you are trustworthy to look after their loved ones.

Owing to a growing elderly population in the UK, new care homes are being set up to look after people who cannot be cared for at home.  Therefore competition is growing, so you need to stand out in a busy sector.

There are over 21,000 care homes around the UK, so you do have a few competitors.

You Need A Great Website

It needs to reflect your branding.  You need a statement of who you are, and your philosophy of care, to showcase your facilities, the grounds, the staff and many details, such as the costs of the facilities you provide.

If people are going to trust their loved ones into your facility, they will want to ensure that your’s is able to provide exceptional care and attention, over and above all the others.  This is something that you need to address on it, to encourage people that yours is the best and safest place for them to send their dearest.

Your website is your shop window, to show the value of your care home and give your customers piece of mind.

What Features Are Needed?

There are a number of key features in your website content that it should include:

  • Pictures and Photos – people like to know what your house and grounds are like.
  • Staff – how many staff work on site and what do they do, are they qualified?
  • Food – what kind of food is served in your care home and how often?
  • Residents – is it crowded, empty, how many rooms?
  • Activities – what can your residents do throughout the day?
  • Special Events – what about getting singers in, what happens around Christmas?
  • Availability of medical attendants or physiotherapists.

The website needs to sell not just your care home itself, but also overcome the tensions or concerns that people may have when placing their loved ones with you. The cost of your care is also something you need to be clear about, as well as an opportunity for your website to justify this, in terms of what is provided.

It needs to be clear and easy to navigate, maybe with accessibility options available for visually impaired people.  

Web design for care homes really needs an experienced website designer to second guess all these features to ensure you get the right most efficient website for your money.

Choosing Someone To Do It Professionally

When considering web experts it is wise to talk to a few different agencies.  So as to get a feel for different design ideas/approaches and also costs.  

Cost will vary between web agencies as all web design companies set their own web design pricing.  

Having a look through their portfolio should give a feel for the kinds of sites they have produced in the past.  Do you like the look of them; are there any sites from similar residential homes to yours?

All creative web agencies are different and what separates one from another is their experience, if you like the look of their work, then they are a good one to compare to others.

Compare Prices

Getting multiple quotes is always good, as all marketing agencies are independent that have profit margins.  You need to obtain different ideas and concepts, as well as to avoid overspending.

Rather than spending time on google going from designer to designer, let us help.

Just fill in the form to get quotes on website design for care homes, from experienced local website design agencies.

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