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When considering website design for ice cream businesses, it throws up the question of ‘who do we use to design the new website’?  As there are over 10,000 website designers in the UK to choose from, who is the best agency to select?  Website design for ice cream companies really does need to be handled by an agency that works in the desert/ice cream industry sector.  They will know the key companies (like Haagen Daz, Ben & Jerry’s,  or Wall’s), how their marketing is structured, as well as smaller independent ice cream companies.

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Features Of Ice Cream Websites

Websites play an important role for ice cream companies; not only to engage with customers (through branding), but also to provide information about your products.

  • Information about your ice cream, perhaps new flavours
  • Information about your business, what you stand for
  • Competitions – involving people in competitions will raise your profile.
  • Engaging with children – many websites are aimed at children
  • PR – the websites cover the sort of good things that ice cream companies are doing to boost their public relations image

So websites are very important for you and your market share of the industry.

Websites Designed For Your Brand

You would use your website not only for providing information about your company and its products, but also in boosting brand awareness of your business, its values, and increase exposure on-line.  All of your competitors use their websites in this way and normally they are fun, modern and playful.

Website design for ice cream companies is one of the few industry sectors that is not linked to direct sales.  The website plays more of a branding roll rather than selling company products.

Features Of Your Website

The main feature is to provide a fun and modern environment.  Looking at some of the well known brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Judes, they are bright, engaging and aimed at children.

More corporate sites, such as Hagen Daz or Carte D’Or, look more modern but corporate; fresh and exciting, but more aimed at the corporate market rather than being playful and competition orientated.

For the top companies the ethos is creative, colourful and fresh, should yours be?

Find A Designer

Your website will serve a different purpose than companies in other sectors, in that you are not looking primarily to sell products, but rather to boost your brand.  It is wise for you to talk to website designers who have worked in the industry previously.

Have a look at the design agencies portfolio, what other companies in your industry have they created?  Do you like the quality of their work? Does it correspond to the style you wish to create for your company?

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