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When considering which website designer to use, out of the many thousand in the UK, we advise using an agency that does website design for solicitors. An agency that has current clients in the legal industry.  As with the Law Society, we aim to help you find the right agency that has expertise in doing website design for solicitors.

Just fill in the form above to get prices for website designfrom local agencies to you that have experience in website design for legal companies.

Solicitors Websites

Websites are an essential part of our world these days, and all firms of solicitors, no matter how niche, need to have a website that is reflective of their practise.

Solicitors are best out-sourcing website design work rather than look to handle it in-house, or use a free website program, as the legal website needs to look professional.  Marketing for solicitors starts with the website, as the firm needs to be easily found on the internet.

Choosing An Agency

Solicitors have the problem that many companies face when setting out to choose a website designer; there are a lot of them, over 20,000 in the UK.

It is advisable to choose a designer with experience in website design for solicitors.  If they have designed websites for legal companies in the past (be it for solicitors, judicial services or barristers), then the probability is that they will produce a much more effective website for you.  It makes sense selecting a designer that has legal marketing experience, rather than a designer that focuses on medical websites, for example.

Meeting A Legal Website Designer

A website is an investment and although the design work can be done at arms length, meeting with the website designer is very wise.  With virtual offices and websites these days, how do you know the web designer is what they claim?  They could be a student working from their parents’ house, or a web designer in India that has set up a UK website.

Meeting a legal website design company also gives you a chance to talk through ideas, strategies and objectives face to face.  It gives you a chance to meet the team and to build a closer working relationship with them, which should lead to more value for money.

If you can find a legal website designer that is local, that should make the scheduling of meetings a lot easier.

Compare Legal Website Design Costs

All creative agencies are different and charge different website design prices.  Prices vary depending on the designer’s size, freelancers do tend to be cheaper, their experience and their overheads; if the web designer has expensive offices and a lot of staff, then obviously they will charge more.

In today’s world shopping around and comparing quotes has become quite normal, a necessity in order to ensure that you are not overpaying.  Website design is no different, and as all website designers set their own rates, shopping around is very wise.

For free advice and quotes on website design for legal companies, from several agencies as close to you as we can find, just fill in the form.

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