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The UK has over 10,000 marketing agencies, selecting someone that knows about marketing for solicitors is ideal for you as they have an understanding of legal marketing.

 The thing is that not all marketing works.  Solicitors have spent thousands of marketing and promotion in vain.  

The issue is complicated though.  Why is it that not all marketing for solicitors works?  OK, lets look at this logically:

  • Marketing

Marketing does work, so to give up on marketing for your legal practice would be unwise.  

Marketing is a complex machine.  There are many forms (internet marketing, leaflet distribution, radio advertising, TV advertising) and it is a case of being wise in choosing the right form.

  • Social Media

Social media is the youngest form of marketing and in today’s world, is one of the fastest growing.  

However with new social media platforms available, which social media platform is the best?  Twitter, Facebook, WeChat?

  • Focus

Where are you going to focus your marketing budget?  
Are you looking locally?  
Are you looking nationally?  

Marketing for solicitors can be expensive if it is not done correctly.

We can help save you a lot of time by getting you quotes from 5 marketing agencies that are local to you and have experience in doing marketing for solicitors.

Working in the legal sector, it is very wise to work with an agency that has legal marketing experience.  

They should know how to position your practice and how your potential customers will respond to your marketing message.  In an ever more competitive sector, marketing for solicitors becomes essential should you wish to find and retain new clients.

Just fill in the form to talk with a few local marketing agencies that have experience in working with solicitors and legal companies.

Marketing For Solicitors

The legal industry is growing as the UK population increases; there is a growing need for legal support and legal advice.

The legal sector is also becoming more and more competitive with around 100,000 solicitors in the UK alone.  Not to mention other areas of the law profession, so the need for solicitors to market their services and stand out is growing month by month.

The legal industry is a market all of its own and a marketing company would really need to have a knowledge of the legal sector in order to effectively market into it. 

Marketing is after all about communication and it is important the agency understands the message they are communicating and the market they are communicating that message to.

The UK has over 10,000 marketing companies, so it is essential to talk to an agency that knows all about marketing for solicitors.

Legal marketing is broken down into a variety of marketing disciplines:

Website Design

There are thousands of website designers around the UK, large web designers in London (that work with global brands), small web designers in Inverness.

There are website designers with legal experience, and do have many clients in the legal industry. 

Choosing someone that has worked for other solicitors should give a much more effective and relevant website.  

They should know what kind of copy will work on your websites, the images that will trigger positive results.

Have a look at the web designers portfolio, have they worked for other solicitors?  

Chatting to the designer and having a look around their web portfolio should give you a good feel for their legal background.  Do you like the look of their clients websites?  

Your website is your ‘virtual shop window‘.  It is the doorway to your brand and these days, the first thing people will look at before visiting your practice.


A big part of marketing for companies is your branding.  This is what sets you apart from your competitors.  Branding for solicitors and legal companies needs an experienced agency.

Public Relations

The media can by a very powerful platform for solicitors.  PR is a very powerful tool and PR for solicitors is an almost essential service for communicating with the media.  

The legal sector is almost continually in the news these days for a wide range of topics such as celebrity divorce, financial affairs, drink driving.  So solicitors need to have a good PR agency to work with.  

Is your legal practice in your local newspaper (for the right reasons)?

Public relations is used by many solicitors to generate local media attention, manage the mainstream media and to streamline general marketing.

SEO For Legal Websites

Getting your website seen and getting website visitors is what SEO is all about.  

Indeed what is the point of having your legal website if you do not get any visitors to it.  

SEO companies will help your website appear on page 1 of Google for your local search terms (‘solicitors in…’).

SEO is an essential activity for any business these days; as the internet is a market place of billions of websites, getting people to find your practice is not easy.  It is a crucial part of legal marketing.  

Again, what is the point in your website if no-one visits it?

SEO companies that know the legal industry should be able to help target and bring focus so that your chosen keywords are found by prospective local customers seeking legal support or advice.

From the many thousands of SEO experts in the UK, there are a number that work in the legal sector. 

It is strongly advised to select an expert that has experience in doing SEO for solicitors.  They will know your competitors, how the industry works and how best to position you.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click marketing is a quick way to get instant web visibility, to appear for local or national search terms.

As most people teaching for a solicitor now do it online, having that internet presence is almost essential.

In many ways, being visible naturally (SEO) and paid search re-enforces your brand to your prospective customers, communicating to them that you really are relevant to what they are searching for.

Like with SEO, there are hundreds of PPC companies around the UK.

It is advised to use an experience agency that does PPC for solicitors, one that knows about how to position you. 

Any company can set up a campaign, but not all are the same, based on their experience.  Being found online is central to legal marketing.

Telemarketing For Solicitors

Many solicitors have looked into telemarketing.  Both for inbound and outbound calling.  Telemarketing is an old form of marketing these days, but still one that proves very effective.

It is used for a range of requirements including market research, lead nurturing etc.  But the main thing would be to choose from telemarketing companies with legal experience

There are over 300 telemarketing companies in the UK that could handle your campaign.  But only a few that have a track record in calling in the legal  sector.

Compare Costs For Legal Marketing

All legal marketing agencies are different.  Working with the courts directly, with the judicial services, prison services, government led quangos, solicitors, barristers and all areas that fall into the law industry.

Each marketing agency sets their own rates, so it is essential to shop around and compare quotes.  

One thing to remember is that all marketing companies are privately owned, and therefore set their own fees.  

These fees could vary considerably.  

The agency could be a Google Partner agency, however can they get you the results you need?

If you want to talk to a marketing agency that is experienced in doing marketing for solicitors, either for general marketing support, or for a specific marketing discipline, then we are here to help.

Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes from 5 agencies that are experienced in doing marketing for solicitors that are local to your practice.

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