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Website Design For Property CompaniesCompare Quotes On Web Design For UK Property Businesses

We suggest you talking with website designers that have done website design for property companies in the past.  They should know what kind of designs work in the property sector, what your customers will respond to, and what will convert website traffic into customers.

Your website is your shop window.  If people are looking to buy a property, they want to see good quality images.  

They want to see clear images and they want images to load quickly.  These really are the key features you need to consider when choosing a website developer or designer.

Just fill in the form above to get quotes from 5 local website designers that are local to you and have a client track record in the property sector. 

The Importance Of Your Site

Websites are essential to property companies, as they act as a reference point to the business. 

People are very alert when it comes to cowboy builders, unreliable trades people or property firms.

Therefore websites play a role in determining whether the property company is a man in a van, or an established reputable company that is trustworthy.

Websites do not have to be expensive; they can cost from under £1,000 upwards, depending on what is required. 

When considering any website designer for your property company it is advised to select one that has property marketing experience. 

If they have built property websites in the past, they will have a better idea of which types of websites work, and which do not. 

The property sector is changing, with companies like rightmove dominating the estate agents market, this is a clear sign that the internet is the new marketing medium

Features Of Your Site

When considering design, property websites need to be fresh, clean and to have good pictures. 

People like pictures and as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

A property website does not need lots of information on it in the form of text.  They are not resource or news websites; but they work well as simple websites, saying what needs to be said.

Be Sociable

Social media you might think is just for young people and Donald Trump.  

However, search engines do pay a lot of attention to social media noises.  

Particularly when it comes to SEO and ranking websites.  

By regularly posting relating to your industry or company, search engines will see that you are active and ticking over.  

Choosing a social media platform that is relevant is important.  If you have goods to sell, then Instagram may be good.  If you have services, then perhaps Twitter.

Choosing An Agency

There are tens of thousands of website design companies around the UK, ranging from freelancers working from home, to large web design studios in London. 

It is always best to use a web designer who has property marketing experience; who has designed property websites in the past and designed them well.

Get Multiple Quotes

For free advice and quotes from several agencies, as close to your locality as we can find, please just fill in the form.

 We advise getting a variety of quotes, as website designers set their own rates, you want to get the best website for the lowest price.  Website design prices do vary considerably from agency to agency.

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