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Compare Quotes On Marketing For Property CompaniesWould Your Property Business Benefit From Marketing Support?

Marketing for property companies is essential in the highly competitive property industry.  

The problem is finding the right marketing agency, as there are hundreds in the UK to choose from.  

We do advise talking with agencies that have experience in doing marketing for property companies.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing companies that know the property and housing sector.

Why Do You Need Marketing?

The property industry is highly competitive, with tens of thousands of companies (or all shapes and sizes) vying for business.  This is all monitored by the government agency GPA.

The pressure is on to get noticed and draw enquiries in.  This can be done in a variety of means, however like anything, he who shouts loudest is normally the one that is heard.  

Marketing is all about communicating your message about your property business.

What Mediums Are There?

There are many forms of marketing available to you, however some will work well and others will not.

Consider some of the most powerful forms of marketing (TV advertising for example).  

Some would work really well for one type of property company, and not for another, it depends on the audience.

Some estate agents use TV advertising. Purple Bricks, and that seems to work really well.  They are a brand new company, and now most people have heard of them.  

All through marketing for property companies.

Dynamic Websites

Websites are an essential tool for any business, housing or otherwise.  The number of people using the internet today vs 5 years ago has ballooned.  So without a website, you are missing out.  

Your website do not have to be uber slick or very expensive.  A basic site can cost under a thousand pounds, and give a nice professional image.  

It is advised to select someone that has experience in designing websites for property companies and a track record of success.  

The website design however does have to be modern.  People know what a cheap website looks like, and a website that was designed 10 years ago stands out.

Attractive Brochures

Brochures in the digital age still perform a key roll, they still have their part to play.  They play an important job, giving visual images and the touch factor that a website does not have.  

Choosing a brochure designer for you needs to come down to their skills in photography.  Brochure design for property companies is different in this way as property is very image led.


Advertising (traditional) options do vary, however some work better than others.  

Industry websites (such as Rightmove) would do well from TV advertising whereas property maintenance companies would not do well.  

It is advised to for you to talk to advertising agencies with property marketing experience.  

On the basis that they have a track record in advertising for property companies and can advise what advertising medium will work and what will not.


Telemarketing is a very effective and powerful marketing tool.  However it is only effective when calls are being made (unlike a website that is always there) so needs to be used in the right way. 

There are hundreds of lead generation companies around the UK, but only a few that have industry experience.  It is always advised to use a company with property telemarketing experience.

SEO For Your Website

SEO is all about being visible on the search engines (rather than paid searches); something that is very important for you. 

There are thousands of SEO companies around the UK, but selecting on that have industry experience is important for success. 

Choose an agency that has experience of doing SEO for property companies will only bring benefits as they will know what to do rather than just generic SEO work.

PPC For Your Website

Paid advertising (PPC) are the adverts on the side of search engines.  Annoying to web users, but non the less, they will bring you into prime position to potential customers. 

There are thousands of PPC companies around the UK, and again, it is advised to select one with sector experience. 

Choosing someone that does PPC for property companies should ensure that your campaign is set up quickly and efficiently.

Leaflet Distribution

One thing that is a popular form of marketing for property companies is leaflet distribution.  Putting flyers through peoples doors in the local community is very common (and annoying).

Compare Multiple Quotes

Marketing for property companies can be expensive, but it does not have to be.  

All marketing agencies in the UK set their own fees.  Therefore marketing prices will vary dramatically.  We do advise getting quotes to compare rather than going with the first agency you come across.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local marketing agencies that know about marketing for property companies.

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