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Website Design For Recruitment FirmsWeb Design For Recruitment Companies

Website design for recruitment companies is essential.  

The sector has expanded exponentially over the last few years so it is wise to use a designer that has done web design for recruitment businesses in the past.  The UK government does help a number of sectors in recruitment.

They will have the experience in how to display new jobs and also market your candidates.

This is your shop window, standing out in this busy market is very important.  

As well as the design of it (the look and feel) it should have clear to navigate menu systems and subtle yet obvious calls to action.  Having a clear phone number and an enquiry form is essential.

We always advise using someone local.  In the fast paced world of recruitment, having a responsive website is best.

But more importantly is the experience they have in designing recruitment websites.  By using a someone who has experience of working in the job seeking industry, you should ensure that your site stands out in an already busy sector.  

This should give you the best chance of getting the best website possible.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from several experts.

Why Do You Need Them?

This question answers itself, it is because everyone uses the internet to find jobs these days.  Gone are the days of going to the back of the newspaper or looking at a job board.

Websites are a crucial part of any business.  Most have two sides, one for employers and one for candidates, allowing each to manage their jobs/prospects.  This being the case, choosing a website developer is a good idea, someone that is used to building complex websites.

The first thing that any agency needs in today’s world is a reliable, functioning and interactive website.  Platforms like Indeed have become central to more people  when searching for a new job.  Why?  The reason is because they are clear and simple to use.

Considering any well established agency, much of the job seeking process is now handled on-line.

Considerations To Reflect On

There is a basic check-list that you need to consider when approaching an expert:

  • Look And Feel – it needs to look the part.  Most people looking for a job are internet savvy and therefore needs to look and feel the part.
  • Access For Users – it needs to be interactive for users as well as accessible for disabilities.
  • Easy To Update – it will be modified daily, so it needs to be user friendly.
  • Marketing – it needs to stand out in a busy and highly competitive industry.
  • Why should job hunters choose you, what makes you stand out?

A lot of these things an agency can handle; the marketing would be a secondary stage of the design process, and one that is vital to it being used by candidates and employers.  There is no point in having a site that has not visitors!

Choosing The Right Expert

There are tens of thousands of website design agencies in the UK, of varying size and background. 

It does make good practical sense as a recruitment company, to use a website designer that already has experience in doing website design for recruitment companies similar to yours.  

Many website designers do specialise in specific industry sectors.  

There are many that have a good track record within recruitment, and have had experience in undertaking marketing for recruitment companies in the past.

If possible, choosing someone who is local is also good.  If you have to choose between experience in recruitment and location; choose experience.  

Web design for recruitment businesses needs a specialist agency.  Your site is your shop window as mentioned and has to convert the visitors.

Once The Site Is Up, What Next?

Having it set up is step one, the next step is to get it seen and active on the internet. 

The recruitment industry is highly competitive, and is dominated by many of the national recruitment agencies. 

This is why many smaller recruitment firms has decided to specialise in industry sectors, geographic locations, or job types. 

Competing with the big boys is always hard, unless you have lots of money for marketing.

Some considerations once your recruitment website is designed would be:

  • Setting up PPC – instead of spending time optimising your site, you can pay Google, so as to be in a premium position
  • Doing SEO – building up your website content and information will help you attract more visitors and climb online.
  • Social Media Marketing – being connected with social media sites should draw employers and candidates in
  • Networking – by linking with local businesses, you can build your local reputation

The recruitment industry is highly competitive, and has very well funded, well established, key players in it.  Therefore different marketing routes need to be used, in order to make your recruitment website stand out from the crowd.

As we are now in 2020, one of the main considerations for your web presence is social media marketing.  

Choosing the right social media platform for your recruitment company is important.  There are new platforms being launched all the time, so finding the appropriate one is important.

Compare Quotes Today

Web design prices for recruitment companies will vary considerably.  Since all agencies are independent and set their own rates, it is essential to shop around and compare.

If you would like to receive free advice or quotes on web design for your recruitment business.  Just fill in the form.  Agencies that have experience in this market will give you a quote.

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