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Website Design For Shops And Retail CompaniesCompare Quotes On Website Design For Your Shop

Whether it be a new site, or you need a website re-design, we advise you to talk to design experts who know about creating websites for shops and retail companies. 

It almost goes without saying that if a shop’s website is attractive, then people will be drawn to it and buy things.  Therefore how the website appears is important in the buying process, very important.

They are considered to be a company’s shop window; for retail they actually are!  They are an extension of the actual store itself, a place which customers can visit 24 hours a day and not have to worry about queues.  Online sales account for over a billion pounds in 2018.

Since the lockdown of 2020-21, people are buying online more than ever before, and this trend is unlikely to reverse.

Online selling is in many ways a lifeline.  A way of selling to customers without the expense of the physical site, staff cost or insurances.  It provides a means of keeping costs down, while increasing the market share.

Most retailers opt for an e-commerce website, which allows customers to buy products via the site and for them to be delivered.

Web design for shops can be compared by filling in the form.

Choosing A Web Designer With Retail Experience

Choosing a web designer is really very simple.  The first thing to determine is whether or not the designer knows about retail marketing, and then secondly, have they designed sites for shops in the past? If so, then they are the ones to talk to.

Retail companies normally need on-line shops, commonly referred to as e-commerce sites.  They allow secure on-line payments through payment gateways (such as Worldpay or Sage)  and organise the shipping of products.

If possible, it is best to meet up with the designer.  There are thousands around the UK, many of whom profess to be ‘award winning’ and cost effective.  Some use ‘virtual offices’, so confirming that they are what they claim to be, can only really be done by visiting them to form a clear impression.

A meeting also gives a opportunity to command 100% of their concentration.  Rather than the situation of someone who answers e-mails on their i-phone while at home, and thus giving much more value for money.

Once you have met a few agencies with retail experience and chatted to them, it would be good to get a few references.  Your design is important, so it is wise to ask for some assurances to ensure that you get the very best designer for your business.  

Talk to some of their clients; ask how their sites are performing, whether they are getting value for money, was there good availability at the time of glitches, and if there were any difficulties?

If you are investing into a creative agency, then you need to be sure that the website is going to be worth every penny. So many companies pay for a website and then 5 years later need a completely new one building due to poor design.

Compare Web Design Quotes

Cost is always a factor, recession is still really effecting the retail industry, and many shops are still struggling to break even.  It is very wise to ‘shop’ around to compare quotes from local website designers with retail experience in order to find out what the average cost would be.

All web agencies set their own rates based on their size, the more staff they have, the larger their offices and the more directors, the higher their costs will be.  

Web design prices do vary from agency to agency, generally freelancers charge less, but may not be experienced in designing e-commerce websites.  Larger designers may have the skills, but charge higher prices; so compare quotes to avoid overpaying.

If you would like free quotes and advice from web agencies that know about web design for shops and retail companies, just fill in the form.

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