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With over 10,000 website designers in the UK to choose from, we do advise talking with web designers that historically have done website design for sports companies in the past.  They will know the sports industry, they should know what designs work, and what do not.  They should know your customer base, and how to engage with the, With the growth of the internet, the sports industry has grown more and more competitive.  Therefore website design for sports companies needs to be on a whole new level.

Sports businesses no longer need to invest in having a high street store, or employ staff to cater to customers needs; a website can be set up to supply all sporting goods and services.  The Design needs to be attractive, with the growth of the internet and a tech savvy world, bad designs stand out quickly.

UK Sports Industry

This has certainly been the case in the UK as the sports sector has grown, with new sports websites selling the full range of specialist and general sporting goods, to include:

  • Water Sports
  • Common sports such as football, golf and tennis
  • Gym equipment
  • Sports drinks/nutrition products
  • Outward Bound sports, for rock climbing, hiking and camping
  • Winter Sports
  • Fitness classes by companies like Les Mills

Websites play an important role for any sports company, large or small, and boost sales from sporting goods. The designer needs to take into account a range of different needs and features depending on the sports website.  Sports companies need to have a unique and targeted approach to marketing, on and off the web.

Sports Industry On The Web

Most people who are looking for sporting goods of any sort, will key in the search term they are after, and then hunt for the results on page 1.  Rarely will people click onto pages 2, 3, 4 and so on; which means that sporting websites that are not on page 1 are not going to achieve much in the way of visitors.

There is a need therefore for sporting websites to consider paid advertising (PPC advertising) to ensure that their websites are appearing in the searches their customers are looking for them on.  Talking to marketing companies that are experienced in marketing for sports businesses is wise, as they will know how to plan ongoing campaigns that are successful.

Due to the competition within the sports sector, advertising on-line can be quite expensive, but necessary, in order to draw the clients in to your sports site.  The design plays an important role in the conversion of website traffic.

Choosing A Website Designer

There are a wide number of website designers around the UK who have experience in building websites for sports companies.  Choosing a web designer who has previous experience in the industry is recommended, on the basis that they will have a clearer understanding of which designs work, and which do not.

It is always good to compare web design prices, as all designers set their own scale of charging.  To compare web design prices and receive suggestions or ideas for design, simply complete the form opposite.  Website design for sports companies does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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