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Marketing for Sports CompaniesCompare Quotes On Marketing For Your Sports Company

Marketing for sports companies is essential in such a busy market.  The issue is finding the right marketing agency, as there are thousands around the UK.  

Pretty much everyone uses the internet when searching for sports events, clothing, fitness classes, trainers etc.

We always advise using a marketing agency that has a background in sports marketing.  An agency that has done marketing for sports companies in the past.

Since there are so many marketing companies in the UK, finding the right one will take time.  Some agencies have worked for 1 or 2 sports related companies, some none, some do specialise in the sports sector.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing agencies that know the sorts and fitness industry. 

UK Sports Industry

The sports industry in the UK is wide and diverse.  Companies like Les Mills that offer fitness classes in Gyms.  Sports brands like Reebok and Nike.  Sports drinks companies like Lucozade.  

Fitness companies, personal trainers from JD sports, the sports industry is truly diverse.  All sports brand and companies need marketing, and marketing for sports brands is very competitive.

Do You Need To Use Marketing?

The sports industry is the largest sector to use marketing of any sort.  

Ranging from branded clothing, sports sponsorships, visual advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising etc. 

Any sports business that is involved in this industry needs to be using as many forms of marketing and promotion as possible (see below for options):

What Mediums Are There For You?

Dynamic Websites

Every business in the sports industry should have a website set up.  Even if you are a startup company you should have a website. 

They do need to be fancy, to get to having recognisable brands (such as Nike, Adidas etc.) that are established in the sports industry to add credibility.  

Website design needs to be good, as an old website or poorly designed one does stand out a mile.  

Website design for sports companies does not have to be expensive.  Prices can start at less than £1,000 for a basic website.  Any marketing for sports companies really starts with the website.

Brochures And Leaflets

Brochures for sports companies are important on communicating information about nutrition, equipment, new products etc.  They can be used for a variety of purposes for both internal and external reasons.


Branding for sports companies is possibly the most important area of marketing.  Your brand is at the centre of your business, so there needs to be continuity through all channels of marketing.

Branded trainers, hoodies, t-shirts all work as your marketing material as well as your product.


There are a wide range of advertising options available to you, ranging from TV advertising, radio advertising, sponsorship advertising etc.  

Many sports companies advertise in the London tube networks.  This way they reach millions of people from many nationalities each day.  Advertising is essential and is expected from any sports related business (large or small) purely because of the sector.  

People expect to see you advertising your products and services.  Choosing the right form of advertising is crucial.  Advertising for sports companies is essential to standing out.

PPC For Your Website

Pay per click marketing for sports brands is a very powerful tool.  Due to the high numbers of people and companies that use the internet to source sporting goods and services.  Even new brands can use PPC advertising effectively.  

To generate lots of business on the internet, boosting your website visitors and sales.  Depending on the niche of the sports sector, PPC advertising can be very affordable.

SEO For Your Website

Search engine optimisation of your sports website is very important, as many people still do not trust the adverts that appear alongside the natural results (as they are obviously selling something). 

Appearing on page 1 is essential, since most people do not go past page 1 results for their searches.

The sports sector is highly competitive, therefore ensuring SEO for sports websites to be successful.  SEO and the internet play a big part in the overall marketing for sports companies.  Of course having good website content is also important.

Choosing A Sports Marketing Agency

When considering using a marketing agency, it is strongly advised to use one that has experience in the sports sector. 

They should be able to get quicker and better results, purely because they know their way around the industry and know how to communicate your message.  Have a look at their client list, are there any sports brands you recognise?  

Maybe ask to talk to some of the clients, are the clients happy with the agency?

Get A Few Quotes

We do encourage getting a few quotes and proposals from different marketing agencies, in order to see what they offer, different marketing prices and approaches to your campaign.  

All marketing companies in the UK are different and all set their own rates.

Marketing for sports companies does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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