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Website Design For UniversitiesCompare Quotes On Website Design For Your University

When considering a new website (or a web re-design to an existing university website); we do advise you talking with website design agencies that offer website design for universities.  

If the agency has done work with education bodies in the past, they will know the kind of designs that work, what students look for in the university website, and the marketing side of the university.  

If your education body needs support, why not talk to 5 local website design agencies that offer website design for universities.

Education Websites

There are over 300 universities and higher education centers in the UK and all need websites.  In today’s fast paced online world it is essential for universities to have websites in place for:

  • Information About Courses
  • Contact Information For Departments
  • FAQ’s
  • Changes In Courses
  • Student Resources & Support Groups
  • Social Events

In years gone by, basic information that is taken for granted used to be attained by calling up the switchboard or visiting the campus,  However now 90% of information can be posted and archived on the university website.

What Sort Of Websites Are Needed

Most websites are basic brochure style websites that are interactive. 

When considering website design for universities, there are a number of features that need to be considered. 

Some have the facility to make payments for resources or consumables (a shop offering merchandise) or even paying tuition fees.

University websites normally require a CMS system so that updates and modifications can be made as the terms tick by.

Since the websites have a lot of technology within them (students uploading files etc.), a developer is needed as well as the design.  Web development for universities links into design.

Social Media

Most university websites do use social media sites such as twitter and facebook and do host topical discussions surrounding tuition fees, diversity of courses etc.

Website Design For Universities

University websites do tend to be quite large and complex, not websites that can be knocked up in a few weeks. 

They need to look professional, to be informative, to be modern and easy to update (as they often have someone onsite updating them).

There are a number of creative agencies around the UK that have experience in doing website design for universities; it is advised that these are spoken to based on their experience and track record. 

The UK has tens of thousands of web designers, logically it makes sense to talk to one that knows about designing sites for universities.

Compare Prices On Website Design For Universities

Of the thousands of website designers to choose from in the UK, all set their own fees.  

Some charge per hour, some will charge a flat fee per project.  As all are independent companies, they set their own cost, so shopping  around and comparing website design prices is essential.

We want to help you get the best website as possible, for the lowest possible price.

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