Website Design Advice

Website Design Advice

Some Helpful Web Design Advice To Consider

We have put together some website design advice, mainly to creative agencies.  We trust these useful tips and hints will provoke thought and discussion.

Many creative agencies in the UK have out of date websites themselves.  But you spend so much time working for clients you say, you are too busy you say.  

But you need to think about your own site’s design?  Do you need help?  Do you need an outside pair of eyes?  Do you need expert advice?

Site build and creation is a simple process, but get it wrong, and your business (no-matter what size) will fail.  At Marketing Quotes, we talk with thousands of designers that say ‘we are so busy with our clients websites, we have no time do consider our own’.

If you are looking for a web designer, then fill in the form above to get free creative design advice from local experts.  We can save you time going through googlebing or other search engines.

Creative Agencies

There are thousands and thousands of web design agencies in the UK and all are very different. 

All sites on the internet look different, work differently but there is the need to ensure that your own website functions effectively.

You need to think about your brand.  Don’t give the excuse that you are too busy.  

Your website is your shop window (just like clients site), if your site is out of date, showing error pages or just looks naff, don’t blame clients and being too busy.  Fix it.

Keep It Simple

Many agencies try too hard to say too much right off.  By keeping the design simple, text simple and minimalistic.  

The chances of confusion and boredom through frustration are reduced and you should get a better conversion of visitors to enquiries. You want visitors to understand within about 1-2 seconds, your message/services and products. 

Visitors will not read your website, they will flick through it in a couple of seconds and either stay or leave.  That is all you have is 1-2 seconds to keep or loose your visitors so KISS (keep it simple silly).

Homepage – Clear and Concise

Some important web design advice going on from the above, your homepage needs to be light and clear. 

Keep the information similar to other pages (like an ‘about us’ page or ‘information about products’). Your homepage needs to say clearly what you do/offer/sell and say this within a few seconds or a visitor opening it. Forget the gimmicky quips.  

Forget the marketing waffle.  Just say what you do, where you are based and how much you charge.

The Layout

Some good web design advice is to loose the marketing jargon.  

If you treat your visitors like children, making the layout crystal clear, then your conversions will go up. 

Most clients look for a few things after scanning your homepage (about us, contact us, prices).

These three things will ensure that you have a lower bounce rate (people going on your site and leaving within a few seconds) and a better conversion rate from visitors to customers.

The main reason people click on and click off a site is frustration that they cannot find what they are looking for quickly.  Remember, we live in an instant society; if web visitors do not find what they are looking for right away, they will leave.  

Visitors do not spend time reading through your information, many will want to talk instead of read, or just leave. A few other tips for encouraging visitors to stick around:

  • Colours – Try to avoid garish colours.  It may sound obvious but there are many sites around that are bright yellow, or black.  Try to stick to an eye pleasing colour and not to put too much colour on your site (this comes into the branding of a site).
  • Text – Keep your paragraphs short and pages to one screen size where possible.  Web visitors do not like scrolling down and down screens and can get lost reading long paragraphs.
  • Content – Who is writing the website content, you or your web agency?
  • Contact – Either put a contact link on each page or a contact link at the top navigation bar.  Most web visitors do not like hunting for a phone number or e-mail address.


With the boom in smartphones and tablets, more of less 50% of your web traffic is going to be desktop, the rest mobile.  For this reason, having a responsive website is best, as they automatically update to software updates.

Is your website easy to navigate, are you keywords showing?

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If you need advice or help with website design, layout or branding, then you can compare quotes from local design specialists.  Web design prices do vary considerably, just fill in the form to get quotes today.

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