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There are around 50 website designers in Bath, mainly smaller website design agencies and freelancers that work from home.  

In addition there are a few marketing agencies in Bath that offer website design as part of a range of marketing services.

Selecting the right agency for your business is important, as it needs to sell you, and fit into your industry sector.

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Bath And Marketing

Bath & Wells has a strong pull on creativity and the arts. The university is renowned for its creative departments, and design is popular resulting in nearly sixty web studios being based in the area.

Most of the website companies in Bath are smaller design studios that serve SME’s, and other local businesses. 

Despite it having a mainly tourist facing industry, there are still a wide multitude of businesses in the area that help.  Companies such as undertakers, solicitors, estate agents, retail and accountants.  

There are many PR agencies in Bath that can help support you through the local media.

Working With A Local Expert

It is somewhat cut off in some respects from the rest of England, as it is nestled in the hills of Somerset. 

Therefore for businesses in and around Bath is is good to select a local web pro.  They will provide a more “hands on” approach than a web designer who is based in Manchester or Leeds.

Choosing a website design agency that is local also allows the opportunity for you to meet to talk through ideas and designs face to face.

Usually meetings do provide more value than a conversation via phone or e-mail, as well as enabling you to put a face to a name.

Industry experience is also something to be considered when looking into local creative experts.  

If they have experience in your industry, then they are much more likely to produce something that not only looks good, but works well in producing results.

Compare Quotes Today

All web design agencies in Bath are different, all are individual companies offering different web design pricing

Getting the cheapest price does not mean you will have the best website, but it is wise to get a few quotes from local designers to compare, and to discover what the average price should be. 

Indeed quality does come at a price and good designers are worth their weight in gold, but there is the need to see where savings can be made, without cutting design corners.

To compare design ideas and receive quotes from several local experts, just complete the form opposite.

Bath In A Snapshot

Bath is most renowned for its Roman Baths, being the spiritual and political centre of culture in AD 43. 

The city is steeped in history from the bronze age, iron age and the Romans, giving it a very special place in English history. 

The unique hot water spas have made it a spiritual centre for centuries, and down the centuries the baths have been in constant use since the Romans first settled. 

Bath has splendid examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture.  Boasting some of the most impressive private houses, which have been used in countless movies and films. 

These days it is known for tourism, and with over 3.5 million visitors every year this remains the city’s main source of income.

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