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 There are over 20 marketing companies in Bath for you to choose from.

However the issue you face is the amount of time that it will take finding the right agency for your business.  

We aim to help you get free quotes and advice from local marketing companies in Bath that have experience in working within your industry sector.

There are over 20 creative design agencies in Bath, many of these are small designers or freelancers working from home. 

As the University draws a lot of students into Bath, many students offer marketing support and resources from running smaller studios. 

Choosing Someone Local

When considering marketing agencies in Bath to use, location is one of the first things to consider. 

Using a local agency ensures that you will get the personal contact that is needed. 

Many branding companies in Bath try to hide behind e-mails; the less personal contact they can provide, the more clients they can service (meaning more profits).   There are many PR agencies in Bath that can look after your media and press issues.

Having a local agency means that you can meet with the design team, chat through your campaign, brainstorm ideas.  Also you can look at your competitors together and ensure that you are their most important client.

You can put together a marketing strategy together, focusing 100% on your objectives.

Choose Someone That Knows Your Industry

As there are so many marketing agencies in Bath to choose from, it makes sense working with an agency that has experience in your industry.

Whether your are a solicitor, a defence company, a newsagent, finding a marketing company that has worked with similar clients in your market is wise.  

If they know your sector, they should understand your market message, understand what designs work well and how to transform prospects into customers.  There are no guarantees with marketing, so industry knowledge should give them a better chance of success.


All marketing agencies in Bath carry different resources, so finding an agency that can support your marketing needs is important.  

What you do not want is to start using an agency, then have to find an additional agency because yours does not have the skills to help you.  

For example, if you use a designer to produce a new website for you and need some PR, they (or you) have to find someone else to set up a PR campaign for you.

Take time to consider agencies and quotes.  Do not rush in to working with someone to ensure you choose the best agency for your campaign.

Compare Prices

As a creative marketing comparison website, we encourage comparing quotes.  Not to find the cheapest agency, but to find the ‘right ‘ one.

When considering using any marketing agencies in Bath, it is wise to shop around and compare quotes.  All are private companies with their own profit margins, so it is wise to compare quotes in order to get the best value for money.

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