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There are around 20 PR agencies in Bath, many of which are smaller PR firms and freelancers that work from either rented offices or from home.

There are around 30 marketing companies in Bath that offer public relations as part of a broader marketing spectrum.  Services such as graphic design, website design services and advertising.  

Bath is quite a small city in Somerset, and is very much based around the tourism industry.  

Many marketing agencies can be found in larger towns and cities in the area, such as Bristol or Exeter.

As you are based in the city, it makes sense to talk to a few PR companies in Bath that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Agency

For businesses that are based in Bath, working with someone who is local is always better than a PR company that is miles away.  As it is easier to hold meetings. 

Talking with local PR agencies in Bath is always better than someone that is miles away.  As there is a loyalty that comes with working with a ‘local supplier’ and they are more likely to go the extra mile.  

There are many  PR agencies in Somerset to choose from, so working with someone local is not too difficult.

Many PR agencies in Bath can make claims on their websites that can be verified at a face to face meetings.  Such as awards they have won, their multifaceted offices, their experience, the size of the team.  

The meetings gives you confidence that you are not paying for an international company that works from a bedroom.

Industry experience is also something to be taken into account.  

Does the agency work in your sector?
Do they know your clients, your competitors and how your market functions? 
Are they members of the CIPR body (or a similar association)?

By meeting the agency, you can guage their experience and knowledge of your industry.  

They are likely to have very varied sector experience.  Perhaps from healthcare to defence including education, and so forth.  

So choosing an agency that has worked in your sector will mean no learning curve and quicker results.

Compare Costs

All PR agencies in Bath are independent companies that are in business to make a profit.  For this reason, shopping around is important in order to find one that charges at a rate to suit your budget. 

Most firms set their costs based on the size of their agency.  

Taking into account their overheads, profit margins, staff costs, and their experience.  If they have lots of experience in a particular field then they may feel entitled to charge a premium.  

There are also many website designers in Bath that can help support your media campaign online and on social media.

Paying for quality is good; an agency that can deliver results and is good at what they do is well worth paying for.  

However no-one likes pay more than they feel they should.  So by comparing PR prices you can be reassured that you are buying services at the appropriate rate, and with the right company.

A Few Words About The City

Bath is a cathedral city in Somerset, with a population of around 100,000 according to the council,  

It is a famous tourist destination due to it’s magnificent Georgian architecture.  

The Roman Baths and the history associated with the picturesque streets and buildings.

It can trace it’s roots back to Mesolithic times, and there are many bronze age barrows in the surrounding area. 

As the natural springs were used by early man, there has always been a draw by people of all time periods to the city.  

Early man, Saxons, Romans, Celts, and Victorians, for both religious and health reasons.

The famous Bath Spa temple was constructed around 70 AD, and was gradually added to by subsequent cultures.  

It was most popular with the Romans who added saunas, bathing pools and a network of water channels.

It is said to have been the location where the famous King Arthur defeated the Anglo Saxons (around 500AD) however this is disputed.

It grew during the Stuart and Georgian period, and took on a more romantic feel.  

With splendid architecture such as The Circus and The Crescent being constructed for the more wealthy inhabitants of the city.

The city has two universities, The University Of Bath and Bath Spa University which both have an active sports program, based around football, rugby, cricket and running.

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