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There are around 30 website designers in Blackburn, ranging from freelancers to smaller website design studios.  When considering getting a new website (or your website re-design) we do encourage you to use a local designer (rather than one in London or further away) as meetings are easier to arrange.

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Working with a local web design agency in Blackburn only makes sense, as it gives you a chance to meet with them and build a more personal relationship with them, which should give you more value for money.

There are around 30 website designers in Blackburn; even though there is no university, the University Centre at Blackburn College has helped in producing numerous local website designers.  There are a number of full service marketing companies around Blackburn also, that offer website design services along with other marketing services, mainly for larger clients that require a broad marketing support, such as advertising and  digital media.

Working With Web Design Agencies

As the internet has grown, many companies have opted for a less personal way of working, with less care for quality and more on quantity.  Website designers do normally prefer to work with hundreds of clients via e-mail, rather than working with a few that they talk to and meet regularly, as it means more profit.  The danger is that the websites produced can all look very similar and generic.

It is essential to meet with a designer, to get to know them, meet the team, discuss their experience, and even chat to some of their current clients.  The current clients, which should be supplied by any competent designer, should be able to give feedback as to the nature of the web designer.  What they are like at working with problems?  Using initiative and most importantly, do they get value for money?

Compare Website Design Prices

All website design agencies in Blackburn are private companies and are there to produce profit.  Therefore comparing website design prices should produce the best deal.  One thing to bear in mind is that the cheapest price does not mean the best design.  But comparing designs and prices should give you the means of achieving the right balance between quality and price.
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A Few Words About Blackburn

Blackburn is a large town based in the north west of England in the county of Lancashire.  Originally referred to as Blacheborne in the Domesday Book. Blackburn was known for its cotton mills and textile production as far back as the 13th century.  However, this centuries-long economy fell into decline during the mid-twentieth century as more and more work was sent overseas.  The town of Blackburn has over 100,000 inhabitants and now has a varied economy based around retail and local businesses.

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