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There are over 30 website designers in Chesterfield to consider for your new site (or a re-design).

However this could take time finding the ‘right’ designer.  

We can help by getting you 5 quotes from web studios in Chesterfield that have experience of designing websites in your industry sector.  

If your website needed media attention, there are a few PR agencies in Chesterfield that could help.

Just fill in the form to receive 5 free quotes and advice from web design agencies in Chesterfield today.

Local Design Agencies

There are lots for you to choose from, many of which are smaller designers that either work from home, or from rented offices around the town.

It has in the region of 15 marketing companies that offer design as part of a broader range of marketing services to clients (such as PR, branding, social media marketing etc.).  

Why talk with website designers in Sheffield when there are so many locally?

Choosing An Agency

There are hundreds of website designers in Derbyshire to choose from, giving you a good variety of skills and services.

It is always good to work with a local agency, rather than one a long way away.

Meeting an agency is always helpful as chatting through ideas and strategies will be much better than swapping e-mails or a rushed phone call.  This should result in a much better website for you, that has been carefully considered with lots of brainstorming.  

With so many agencies around the area, it is only logical to work with someone local.

Picking a website designer that has worked for companies in your industry sector will also be advantageous.  They will have a better idea of what will work well in your market and what will not.  Designs that work, and designs to avoid.  

Also how your customers will respond to your website, turning them from web visitors to fee paying clients.  

It needs to fit in and be accepted by your clients, but at the same time it needs to stand out as unique and interesting.

Compare Prices

Price is possibly the deciding factor for any decision, but should not be the only thing to consider.

A cheap website is not necessarily the best if sufficient thought and preparation has not gone into the site, then it will look cheap.  

Sometimes you get what you pay for, however paying a lot for you website is no guarantee it will be the best value for money.

There is the need to shop around and compare prices, as all agencies set their own rates.  

No-one likes overspending on anything whether it is a holiday, insurance, a new car, or a website; however, paying a little more for something of good quality is fine.

A Few Words About Chesterfield

It is a town based in Derbyshire just south of Sheffield, and has a population of around a hundred thousand.

Chesterfield was awarded a market charter by King John in 1204, and around 250 market stalls can still be seen each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the town having the same privileges as Nottingham.

A bank of coal was discovered during George Stephenson’s building of the Derby to Leeds railway in 1837, which coupled with the local ironstone led to the area benefiting in mineral trading.  

The coal industry died (thanks to the Thatcher government) in the 1980’s which led to around 15,000 jobs being lost in the town, which was of course disasterous for the local economy.  This added to the loss of manufacturing jobs in the UK, which has greatly affected the area, means Derbyshire has struggled.

The town is well known for the spire on St Mary’s and All Saints that is crooked. The spire was added in the 14th century, but because of the Black Death, skilled craftsmen were in short supply; the spire being added 12 years after the Black Death.  

The lead was added to the spire 300 years after the spire was built, 33 tonnes of lead heating on one side of the roof, when the sun beats down, versus the colder lead on the other side, leading to contraction and expansion.  

The local legend, however, is that a local blacksmoth mis-shoed the devil who lept in pain and caught the spire mid flight causing the twisting; much more believable.

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