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With all the booming industry to be found here, there are over 50 website designers in Glasgow.  

The challenge is finding the ‘right’ designer for your business.

This is where we can help, by getting you a few quotes from local experts.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from web design agencies in Glasgow that know your industry sector.

How Much Would A Website Cost?

This is quite a difficult question, as there are a number of factors that vary.

There needs to be a balance of making your website stand out as unique, and making the website fit into the sector and be accepted. 

This is something that only an experienced designer can do who has worked for similar clients in the past.

  • How many pages are required?
  • What platform would you use (WordPress, Joomla etc.)?
  • Would you require new content to be produced or blogging?
  • What about social media updates?
  • Did you require a payment gateway?

All web design agencies in Glasgow set their own fees, so it is necessary to compare multiple quotes.

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web designer in Glasgow that may be of interest.

Just fill in the form to get a few quotes from local web designers in Glasgow that know your industry sector.

Some Important Points

When talking to different web designers in Glasgow, there are a few important things to consider.

  • Content Creation

Who will actually write the content for your website, will you or will the designer?

All website designers can write your website content, they may use a junior copywriter to look at your competitors and develop if for you.  The downside of this is that your particular passion and knowledge is not translated into your web pages.

It is best if you can work alongside the designer to bring your knowledge and passion for your product/service.

  • Website Hosting

Your website needs to be ‘hosted somewhere, have you considered where that would be?

Not all website designers in Glasgow have servers, however some do.  Most will advise you to go with them, so they can charge you a monthly hosting fee.

There are lots of website hosting companies in the UK you can use, Fasthosts is the best known but there are lots.

  • Responsive Website Design

Since smart phones hit the market, Google now measures websites based on mobile over desktop usability.

For this reason, as new mobile software releases come out, your website will appear different on all different mobile devices.  

Having a responsive website is best, rather than your website needing configured to new releases.

Not all web designers in Glasgow work with responsive website design, so it is wise to ask.

Have You Considered Your Marketing?

Once it is set up, that is not the job done.  You need to get visitors to the website.

You have a couple of options, SEO (your site appearing on the search engines naturally) and PPC (paid advertising).

PPC will get you quicker results, which is what you want in the short to medium term.

SEO is more long term, but will take time before you see results.

Some website designers in Glasgow do offer PPC, alternatively you can get quotes from a few PPC agencies in Glasgow today.

Few agencies handle SEO, so we again can help you compare quotes from SEO companies in Glasgow that can support you longer term.

Remember To Be Social

Social media is the latest marketing service to come on the scene, actually since 2004 with the birth of Facebook it has come on leaps and bounds.  

In many ways, social media is possibly the most powerful form of marketing, even Donald Trump uses it.

Not all website designers in Glasgow are up to date with the ever evolving social media platforms.

Which platform do you use, which one would be best for your products/services to be on?

Facebook is all about pictures and friends chatting.

Tik Tok is all about posting videos.

New social media platforms continue to come out as the trend develops.  Search engines like Google do monitor how much you are on or mentioned on different social media platforms which effects your search engine rankings.

Remember to be social!

Compare Multiple Quotes Today

The best way to check what is a reasonable price to pay is to compare web design prices from a few local experts. 

This should give a few design approaches and an idea of what is an acceptable price to pay.

Since new designers are being released each year from the university of Glasgow, new talent is always on hand.

Getting a good deal is important, but quality does come at a price.

There are hundreds of web design companies in Scotland to choose from should you not find an agency with industry experience in Glasgow.

For free advice and quotes from web design agencies in Glasgow, just fill out the form above.

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